Top 7 Lucky Charms to Amplify Positive Energy

We all have our own inner power creating our reality from moment to moment. Through our own beliefs and convictions we manifest our own situations around us, either helping or hindering our goals. By believing that we are lucky and that the universe is here to help and support us as an extension of our inner self, we can amplify positive vibrations right now. This help and support of the universe can be received through many ways, including lucky charms or objects that serve as physical reminders of how we are indeed very lucky and blessed.

Lucky charms can be used in many different and creative ways such as

  • Carried with you in your pocket
  • Worn as an ornament
  • Strategically displayed at home
  • Kept hidden in wallet or drawer
  • Used as an object of worship on altar
  • Placed under your pillow to enter your dreams
  • Energized with visualization, meditation and affirmations

Here are some of those special magickal things that can help you if you choose to believe:

  1. Lucky Coins: Who does not need a special dash of financial luck to fund your projects to success or to bring that perfect home or vehicle within your reach, or to protect you and your loved ones? Lucky tokens such as a set of three chinese antique coins or specially crafted ‘goddess Laxmi’ as well as ‘guardian angel’ coins, can easily fit into your wallet and not be mistaken for ordinary coins. One of the most popular symbols of luck is the lucky clover or Irish Shamrock.coinsirish.jpglaxmiangel coin
  2. Lucky Stones: Natural crystals and special gemstones have been believed to bring luck since ancient times. You can match your special stone to your western or Vedic zodiac sun-sign, moon-sign, ascendant or even your destiny or birth number as per your date of birth. Or you may choose one through intuition or by studying its properties or spiritual significance. One of the best ways of choosing a stone is to learn about our chakras and the stone that helps in balancing each chakra. You can also use specially inscribed stones with positive messages.believe.jpgRemember I am 8800 lcrystals.pngGemstonesforplanets
  3. Divine Figurines: Everyone loves angels because they are benevolent, kind and unconditionally loving energy sent by our Higher Self or God who is connected to all of us at all times. Carrying a beautiful angel or placing one on your altar or desk can remind you of the power of faith and belief whenever you need to remember that you are loved and protected by heaven. Similarly figures of gods and goddesses remind us of the various powers of our infinite divine creator who is always present in our hearts. We can honour these powers including divine feminine and masculine to balance and improve various aspects of life, whether career, wealth, health, beauty, relationships or for overall blessings.angelspocketangelmichael-the-archangel-statue-59893xl.png krishnawinged-isis-egyptian-goddess-bronze-statue-800x800.jpg
  4. Lucky Decor: Every culture has some special artefact or decor that can bring in lucky vibrations to your home or office. For example hanging lucky chimes, ‘torans’, talismans against evil eyes to repel jealousy, horseshoes to keep away evil and bring in luck, feng-shui turtles, money toads and laughing buddhas…the list is endless and so is the amount of luck you can generate, so do take care you do not overdo it lest your home ends up resembling a feng-shui store. FengShui-Remedies
  5. Candle Magick: Used widely in prayers across the world, candles can be of every possible colour and shape to match with the unique vibration that you intend to focus upon while saying your prayer or affirmation or stating your wish to your higher self or deity. Energized candles such for healing with specific intentions are also widely available through specialist stores, or you can make one yourself.candles.jpg
  6. Aroma Oils and Incense: To quickly uplift your mood and improve the vibrations of any place you can use incense or oils especially matched with the frequency of your choice. Imbued with natural herbs and essences your body and mind will relax and allow you to feel more positive and attract better luck. incenseoils
  7. Lucky Clothing: You need not visit a metaphysical store for this lucky charm, your own wardrobe can be the place where your lucky object is already hidden. Numerous celebrities including sports and movie stars have their special tees and socks that have allegedly helped them win games and awards galore. Or simply use your ‘lucky colour’ on the day you are scheduled for that ‘date’ with destiny.tshirt.pngFinally… why not believe that you are naturally lucky and destined for success in everything, everyday, regardless of what you wear or keep? Become your own lucky charm and allow everything in the universe to be lucky for you.

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