The Good News Revolution


Our everyday media might make us feel differently at times, but there is a growing awareness among many of us about the importance of focusing on the positive even in terms of news and entertainment.

In the past many of us were guilty of enjoying negativity. We loved stories including movies, books and social media that made us justify our anger, frustration and fears actually rooted in our own personal beliefs carried over from before. In reading and viewing these words and images, in both fact and fiction, we enjoyed the idea of being victims and avoiding responsibility for our world which is own creation. Many of our religious philosophies were also centred around the idea of struggling against evil and waiting for an outer creator as a savior instead of simply being at peace from within. Deep seated beliefs in such duality opened many of us to attracting and being affected by more and more negativity day by day, because it is not what we think but what we deeply believe in that we usually manifest starting with our immediate surrounding situations and expanding slowly to cover more of the world.

In the wake of spiritual realization and rising global awareness, we now seem to be more predisposed to focusing upon and deeply absorbing positive beliefs, ideas and perspectives. Good news seems to be another small step in that direction. Focusing upon good news is not about ignoring the negativity around us but about believing in our inner power to transform anything right now. This is why at The Positive Media we are careful about bringing you only those positive articles and stories that inspire and motivate us to bring our our best and to transform our false beliefs into something better and helpful. Where there is anything negative there is simply a need for healing and inner peace that can bring about a positive change.  Instead of feeling hopeless and broken we can and will create a better reality within ourself if not outside. And because outer change follows inner change, we may witness the miracles of inner positive awareness for our-self starting right now in the form of a more positive world.

While The Positive Media has a primary focus on spiritual awareness, here are some other sources of positive world news and current affairs that you can also enjoy and subscribe to:

  1. Positive.News: One of the finest positive news magazines today has a focused approach to bringing you, in their words ‘No water-skiing squirrels. Just good journalism with a solutions focused approach.’ You can support them and subscribe here
  2. On the other hand if you do not mind pictures of cute furry creatures along with positive news and inspirational stories, you can log on to
  3. Good News Network: A steady stream of positive news everyday.
  4. Happy News: Real news and compelling stories, yet always positive.
  5. Global Good News: Positive news articles inspired by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

If you do prefer general news media, remember most popular networks also have some positive news in them everyday, for instance:

  1. Huffington Post: One of the biggest in mainstream media to have a separate section focusing on positive news articles as well as many positive stories
  2. Today: Inspirational and funny news, videos and more on
  3. Telegraph: Uplifting and feel good stories to help you have a better day.
  4. Mirror: Happy stories to make you smile
  5. South Africa: An excellent news media dedicated only to positive stories is
  6. ABC Net Australia: Because a few positive stories will not harm you….
  7. And also from Australia
  8. Fox News: They too have a category for positive news…

With many of mainstream media houses having at least partially positive news, we do feel a change is already on its way and soon our regular news media will have headlines celebrating positive news if we continue to believe that we all can and will transform ourself for the better at an individual and collective level. The change begins with whoever is reading this.





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