The Inner Meanings of Planets in Astrology

In both western and eastern cultural traditions astrology has played a major part in prophecies for both global and personal issues. We might have known some people who rarely make any decisions until they consult an astrologer first. At the same time there are those who could not care less because they believe in their own power and choices over and above planetary forecasts.

The conflict between believers and skeptics can be resolved when we consider that everything we see around us is merely a part of nature that can mean something to our psyche if we try to meditate and discover its relevance to us. In other words everything outside is best used to help us learn something about who we are and what our potential is. From our earthly perspective we can understand planets to signify certain powers that we contain within us. In the patterns of the movements of planets we can simply see lessons and meanings that can guide us to have a better life. At the same time we are not limited by these patterns but can exercise our free will with increasing power as we awaken more and more, regardless of what is outside.


Sun: Ancients believed it to be a planet or celestial body that is luminous and crucial to our life on earth as it is a giver or generator of energy that determines our cycles of nature and time. Its spiritual or esoteric meanings include Power, Leadership, Inner Light, Effective Personality, Success and Charisma as qualities and traits that we can develop through our efforts and self-confidence. An excess of ego, self-centredness and power trips can be kept in check at the same time.

Gods such as Bel, Surya, Aditya, Apollo, Helios, Ra and goddesses such as Savitri, Gayatri and Sekhmet were connected with solar qualities for contemplation and energisation of our aura.

Bright yellow to red colours and natural gemstones or crystals such as Sunstone, Ruby, Citrine and Goldstone can help us focus on solar traits and our Solar Plexus Chakra.


Moon: Also called a planet in ancient times, the moon being a satellite of earth that reflects the Sun’s light at night helps us see in the dark. Its esoteric significance is that of Revelation, Prophecy, Self-reflection, Introspection, Inner Psyche, Hidden Emotions, Intuition, Peace and Calmness. Look out for the shadow side of fear, illusion and false allure and focus on your positive and divine qualities instead.

Goddesses such as Luna, Selene, Isis, Hecate, Diana and Gods such as Somadev and Sin have signified our feminine and receptive powers of patience, creativity, stillness and inner change of Lunar nature.

Colours of white and silver as well as gemstones such as Pearl, Moonstone, Opal, Selenite and Mother of Pearl can represent our feminine creative powers associated with our Sacral Chakra.


Mercury: The nearest planet to the Sun in our solar system is speedy and small indicating traits of attention to detail, mind power, quick responses, thinking on your toes, clever communication, technology, information, science and efficient financial management.

Gods such as Hermes, Buddha, Thoth and goddesses such as Minerva, Athena and Srividya are symbolic of the powers of our mind to help us learn, strategize and communicate better. At the same time restlessness and hyperactivity can be transformed through meditation.

Colours of the blue-green spectrum and gemstones or crystals such as Topaz, Emerald, Lapiz, Aquamarine and Turquoise have been used for meditation to amplify the vibrations of Mercury and the Throat Chakra.


Venus: Once called the brightest ‘star’ in the sky, this planet has been a symbol of glamour, beauty, prosperity, radiance, love and fortune. Excesses of materialism and self-indulgence has to be curtailed however.

Goddesses such as Laxmi, Aphrodite, Ishtar and Gods such as Kama and Cupid have symbolised the qualities associated with this planet.

Shiny and pastel colours and stones such as Diamond, Jade, Rose quartz, Clear quartz and Rhodonite have conveyed the vibrations of Venus for healing and harmony and our Heart Chakra.


Mars: The red planet has been believed to signify war, effort, ambition, drive and passion since ages past. The positive qualities of victory and motivation can be inculcated while calming down aggression, strife and anger which are the negative aspects of this planet.

Gods such as Ares, Karthik, Tyr and Goddesses such as Bellona, Durga and Pele have signified Martian traits of strength and valour and our root chakra.

Shades of orange to red spectrum and stones such as Coral, Carnelian, Amber and Bloodstone have been used for meditation and energization as well as strengthening our Root Chakra.


Jupiter: The largest planet in the solar system has been a symbol of expansion, wisdom, greatness, generosity and divine power making it a fortunate and lucky omen. At the same time a balanced rationality and intuition are needed to keep one practical and grounded.

Gods such as Thor, Zeus, Dyaus, Yeshu and Goddesses such as Juno, Sophia and Parvati are connected to the concept of wisdom and exalted virtues that Jupiter represent.

Colours of purple and violet as well as gems such as amethyst, lepidolite and iolite represent the positive qualities of Jupiter as well as our Crown Chakra.


Saturn: The planet with great rings around is symbolic of practicality, reasonable boundaries, righteousness, fair rules, justice, stability,  protection and focus. Refrain from feeling like a victim or fearing this planet out of a belief in external rules and confinement by realizing that we create our own limitations instead of any devil or ‘Satan’ figure that Saturn has been wrongly convoluted into.

Gods such as Cronus, Hades, Set and Goddesses such as Kali, Ceridwen and Caillech are symbolic of endings, banishing, maturity and closure that are much needed at certain times in our life.

Colours from Gray to Black spectrum and gemstones or crystals such as Blue Sapphire, Sodalite, Kyanite, Black Tourmaline, Obsidian and Shungite can help prevent draining of energy and keep us focused and shielded through our Third Eye Chakra.


Finally while on Earth, no matter what our planets reveal in the form of horoscopes or guidance, we can always remember that our practical and day to day efforts as well as free-will choices are constantly there to help us create our own fate through our consciousness and determination, regardless of so-called planetary ‘influences’.

Each and everything that is manifest in our world has been placed around as and we amidst them because of some choices we have made either consciously or subconsciously. We have a reasonable degree of control over immediate objects around us and if we wish we can even change our place of residence to suit our aspirations, thereby transforming our situations to a great degree.

Planets seemed in the past to be revolving around us in fixed patterns that we seemed to have little control over, and hence were highly regarded as divine symbols that ‘control’ our destinies. Now we can imagine relocating to a new planet in the future as we progress technologically. Moreover our consciousness when awakened transcends space and time and help us travel astrally to any realm or dimension as liberated souls. The only creator of our destiny is always within us ultimately.

Top 7 Lucky Charms to Amplify Positive Energy

We all have our own inner power creating our reality from moment to moment. Through our own beliefs and convictions we manifest our own situations around us, either helping or hindering our goals. By believing that we are lucky and that the universe is here to help and support us as an extension of our inner self, we can amplify positive vibrations right now. This help and support of the universe can be received through many ways, including lucky charms or objects that serve as physical reminders of how we are indeed very lucky and blessed.

Lucky charms can be used in many different and creative ways such as

  • Carried with you in your pocket
  • Worn as an ornament
  • Strategically displayed at home
  • Kept hidden in wallet or drawer
  • Used as an object of worship on altar
  • Placed under your pillow to enter your dreams
  • Energized with visualization, meditation and affirmations

Here are some of those special magickal things that can help you if you choose to believe:

  1. Lucky Coins: Who does not need a special dash of financial luck to fund your projects to success or to bring that perfect home or vehicle within your reach, or to protect you and your loved ones? Lucky tokens such as a set of three chinese antique coins or specially crafted ‘goddess Laxmi’ as well as ‘guardian angel’ coins, can easily fit into your wallet and not be mistaken for ordinary coins. One of the most popular symbols of luck is the lucky clover or Irish Shamrock.coinsirish.jpglaxmiangel coin
  2. Lucky Stones: Natural crystals and special gemstones have been believed to bring luck since ancient times. You can match your special stone to your western or Vedic zodiac sun-sign, moon-sign, ascendant or even your destiny or birth number as per your date of birth. Or you may choose one through intuition or by studying its properties or spiritual significance. One of the best ways of choosing a stone is to learn about our chakras and the stone that helps in balancing each chakra. You can also use specially inscribed stones with positive messages.believe.jpgRemember I am 8800 lcrystals.pngGemstonesforplanets
  3. Divine Figurines: Everyone loves angels because they are benevolent, kind and unconditionally loving energy sent by our Higher Self or God who is connected to all of us at all times. Carrying a beautiful angel or placing one on your altar or desk can remind you of the power of faith and belief whenever you need to remember that you are loved and protected by heaven. Similarly figures of gods and goddesses remind us of the various powers of our infinite divine creator who is always present in our hearts. We can honour these powers including divine feminine and masculine to balance and improve various aspects of life, whether career, wealth, health, beauty, relationships or for overall blessings.angelspocketangelmichael-the-archangel-statue-59893xl.png krishnawinged-isis-egyptian-goddess-bronze-statue-800x800.jpg
  4. Lucky Decor: Every culture has some special artefact or decor that can bring in lucky vibrations to your home or office. For example hanging lucky chimes, ‘torans’, talismans against evil eyes to repel jealousy, horseshoes to keep away evil and bring in luck, feng-shui turtles, money toads and laughing buddhas…the list is endless and so is the amount of luck you can generate, so do take care you do not overdo it lest your home ends up resembling a feng-shui store. FengShui-Remedies
  5. Candle Magick: Used widely in prayers across the world, candles can be of every possible colour and shape to match with the unique vibration that you intend to focus upon while saying your prayer or affirmation or stating your wish to your higher self or deity. Energized candles such for healing with specific intentions are also widely available through specialist stores, or you can make one yourself.candles.jpg
  6. Aroma Oils and Incense: To quickly uplift your mood and improve the vibrations of any place you can use incense or oils especially matched with the frequency of your choice. Imbued with natural herbs and essences your body and mind will relax and allow you to feel more positive and attract better luck. incenseoils
  7. Lucky Clothing: You need not visit a metaphysical store for this lucky charm, your own wardrobe can be the place where your lucky object is already hidden. Numerous celebrities including sports and movie stars have their special tees and socks that have allegedly helped them win games and awards galore. Or simply use your ‘lucky colour’ on the day you are scheduled for that ‘date’ with destiny.tshirt.pngFinally… why not believe that you are naturally lucky and destined for success in everything, everyday, regardless of what you wear or keep? Become your own lucky charm and allow everything in the universe to be lucky for you.

The World’s Least Stressful Cities

If you thought city life was all about high rises and fast cars, these cities will open up your mind to a new way of living.

The world’s least stressful cities were ranked on factors such as green spaces, ease of public transport, better security, lesser pollution, employment levels, better health and lesser debt. 
We all can create a stress-free and positive space WITHIN our-self and transform our own situations and surroundings or attract better ones soon, because inner change can create an outer change.
1. Stuttgart, Germany
2. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
3. Hanover, Germany
4. Bern, Switzerland
5. Munich, Germany
6. Bordeaux, France
7. Edinburgh, UK
8. Sydney, Australia

How We Can Help Hurricane Irma and Harvey Victims

There are a number of charitable organizations that are trying to raise funds for helping victims of recent Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. UNICEF has recently called for urgent donations from the global community because expecting only the ruling countries to complete the task is not sufficient and much of the targets are yet to be met.

You can add your positive energy to this cause by donating to the following reliable channels:

  4. OXFAM:

For a list of more charities CLICK HERE

In addition to this you can send your prayers and healing energy by entering a peaceful state and affirm ‘All who are affected, including adults, children, trees, land and animals are given immediate and sufficient help in every possible way’.

Remember that donating money to charitable causes does not reduce what you have but enhances your own prosperity and wellbeing by allowing your heart to open more and letting a greater stream abundance flow through each time.

Thank You!

The Good News Revolution


Our everyday media might make us feel differently at times, but there is a growing awareness among many of us about the importance of focusing on the positive even in terms of news and entertainment.

In the past many of us were guilty of enjoying negativity. We loved stories including movies, books and social media that made us justify our anger, frustration and fears actually rooted in our own personal beliefs carried over from before. In reading and viewing these words and images, in both fact and fiction, we enjoyed the idea of being victims and avoiding responsibility for our world which is own creation. Many of our religious philosophies were also centred around the idea of struggling against evil and waiting for an outer creator as a savior instead of simply being at peace from within. Deep seated beliefs in such duality opened many of us to attracting and being affected by more and more negativity day by day, because it is not what we think but what we deeply believe in that we usually manifest starting with our immediate surrounding situations and expanding slowly to cover more of the world.

In the wake of spiritual realization and rising global awareness, we now seem to be more predisposed to focusing upon and deeply absorbing positive beliefs, ideas and perspectives. Good news seems to be another small step in that direction. Focusing upon good news is not about ignoring the negativity around us but about believing in our inner power to transform anything right now. This is why at The Positive Media we are careful about bringing you only those positive articles and stories that inspire and motivate us to bring our our best and to transform our false beliefs into something better and helpful. Where there is anything negative there is simply a need for healing and inner peace that can bring about a positive change.  Instead of feeling hopeless and broken we can and will create a better reality within ourself if not outside. And because outer change follows inner change, we may witness the miracles of inner positive awareness for our-self starting right now in the form of a more positive world.

While The Positive Media has a primary focus on spiritual awareness, here are some other sources of positive world news and current affairs that you can also enjoy and subscribe to:

  1. Positive.News: One of the finest positive news magazines today has a focused approach to bringing you, in their words ‘No water-skiing squirrels. Just good journalism with a solutions focused approach.’ You can support them and subscribe here
  2. On the other hand if you do not mind pictures of cute furry creatures along with positive news and inspirational stories, you can log on to
  3. Good News Network: A steady stream of positive news everyday.
  4. Happy News: Real news and compelling stories, yet always positive.
  5. Global Good News: Positive news articles inspired by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

If you do prefer general news media, remember most popular networks also have some positive news in them everyday, for instance:

  1. Huffington Post: One of the biggest in mainstream media to have a separate section focusing on positive news articles as well as many positive stories
  2. Today: Inspirational and funny news, videos and more on
  3. Telegraph: Uplifting and feel good stories to help you have a better day.
  4. Mirror: Happy stories to make you smile
  5. South Africa: An excellent news media dedicated only to positive stories is
  6. ABC Net Australia: Because a few positive stories will not harm you….
  7. And also from Australia
  8. Fox News: They too have a category for positive news…

With many of mainstream media houses having at least partially positive news, we do feel a change is already on its way and soon our regular news media will have headlines celebrating positive news if we continue to believe that we all can and will transform ourself for the better at an individual and collective level. The change begins with whoever is reading this.





Spiritual Ascension: Myths and Truths

Spiritual ascension is sometimes misunderstood. Some people may be of the opinion that ascension is all about leaving earth and ascending to another galactic or planetary space, or going to a spacecraft. Some others have believed in ascending to another place called heaven and some others believe in conspiracy theories such as the ‘matrix’. With all these various points of view, it is necessary to ground our-self in a more positive and clear vision of ascension.


  1. Aliens and Us:

While extra-terrestrial and alien-abduction phenomena is exciting and gaining popularity for the last few decades, spiritual ascension is better understood as an enhancement of our inner character rather than mere scientific or intellectual awareness. Some people visualize ascended masters descending from outer space wearing jazzy space-suits and beaming us into their advanced spaceships to take us ‘home’ to another planet or galaxy. We may have heard in some ‘starseed’ circles about how earth is corrupted and the only way out is to return ‘home’ with our ‘twin-flames’ to some superior planet, star-system or galaxy such as Sirius B, Pleiades, Andromeda and so on.

While all this sounds fantastic and glamorous, it is wonderful to connect with earth while we are here and learn how to be better humans by loving our own planet for now, taking care of our own eco-system as we are part of it and doing our bit for humanity and other creatures on earth, instead of waiting for aliens to save us. We can never really say if and when any aliens will save earth or destroy it, or if they even exist for real. All we know is that we ARE here right now.


2. Other Dimensions and ‘Hidden’ Portals:

Quantum universes and theoretical physics have become a subject of daily internet research for many of us. It is not uncommon for kids and adults alike to ponder about how matter is energy and how we can travel through space-time continuums and wormholes while being physically embodied given the right kind of technologies at our disposal. Instead of mere extra-terrestrial worlds we dream of ‘multi-dimensional’ universes from where ‘higher’ beings can contact us and apparate with us (if they like us enough) depending on our ‘DNA’ match by choosing ‘selected humans’ for ascension.

Truth is, we can all learn about quantum physics and metaphysics in terms of theories, learn about multiple dimensions, star-systems, space portals, extra-sensory perceptions and brain-waves, neural or DNA activation as much as we like, yet spiritual ascension could still evade us. Spiritual ascension is much more about inner work than outer understanding or wisdom. For all we know, there may be nothing outside but our own ‘mind’ stuff which can never end unless we learn to silence our mind and be truly liberated.


3. Psychic Superpowers and ‘New Age’:

There have always been humans who are attracted to ‘masters’ who can read minds, perform miracles, predict futures and talk to spirits. Somehow spirituality has been related with magickal mastery and performable acts rather than about inner peace. Spiritual channeling of various ‘beings’,’entities’,’masters’ and ‘spirits’ is popular in large crowds as well as smaller groups where psychics put on amazing shows. Tarot cards and crystals are the new ‘collections’ of many seekers and masters alike.

While knowledge, psychic power and channeling or mediumship capabilities are great if authentic and related to our throat and third-eye chakras, true spiritual peace and love are related to our heart and crown chakras which are very important for personal growth and ascension. It is possible for ‘masters’ to be highly psychic and miraculous, without really being kind or peaceful on the inside, no matter how soft and sweet their outer disposition. We need to focus on true spirituality based on being loving our-self instead of merely seeking masters who are psychic or magickally powerful. Crystals and Oracle cards may not always guarantee spiritual ascension.


4. Law of Attraction and Manifestation:

There is no dearth of literature that glorifies spiritual materialism with every other celebrity talking about how they made millions or billion through the power of positive thinking and ‘law of attraction’. Secrets of the rich and famous are openly available for all and yet there is the eventuality of death reminding us that we will not take much on our way ‘home’.

It is not only through self-help for material success, but also through inner contentment that we can truly awaken. We can have as much power and worldly success as we want, but it may never really take the place of self-realization and peace. Manifestation of our desires is great, however when we have indeed learnt ‘The Secret’ we also need to go beyond it.


5. The Matrix of Conspiracy Theories:

Reading news about the ‘evils of materialism’, movies and books about ‘Illuminati’ and ‘Reptilian’ controllers of our universe, the corrupt banking system, religious domination of masses, news about ‘power-hungry’ politicians and ‘ridiculously’ wealthy business families….the list of conspiracy theories has grown quite a bit over the years. Such conspiracy theories can sometimes block us further by making us feel like victims who are trapped in a ‘matrix’ built by large corporations, external entities or beings that have taken away our free will. Unfortunately a lot of people subscribe to such theories and lose their minds feeling more and more negative or aggressive by the day, wanting to ‘wipe out’ materialism and power from earth.

Truth is the world is a manifestation of our deepest commonly held beliefs as a network of souls that are indeed One dynamic whole. We can create our own reality by believing that we are victims or by believing that we are creators of our own ‘matrix’. The meaning of matrix simply is ‘mother’ or creator source which can be within us. Each of us can create our own reality bubbles of either positive or negative beliefs that transform into our universes. The choice is ours.


6. Heaven Above, Hell Below:

Each religion has its own ‘version’ of heaven or hell and what makes us go to either. Threats of ‘Inferno’ or ‘Underworld dungeons’ and promises of ‘eternal heaven of God’ might have kept some erring humans in-line of certain faiths and beliefs for a little while. Stories of heaven versus hell, angels versus demons, a final judgement-day and apocalypse may have contributed to a lot of confusions, paranoia, terrorism and condemnation with some religions persecuting ‘disbelievers’ already even before ‘God’ has a chance. While most of us are caught somewhere in between heaven and hell, some have found themselves faced with what they felt could be ‘evil entities’ or ‘false light beings’masquerading as ascended masters. The eventualities of ‘salvation’ through ‘God’ as someone from outside who ‘saves our soul’ seems to be a looming possibility if we were to believe in various religious books. Yet with all the power and politics in religions, how do we know if someone outside who is mentioned in many a religious books is a ‘Devil in disguise’ or an ‘Angel of Salvation’.

Ask yourself if there is a heaven ‘out-there’ how could we ever know until we ‘get there’. All we really know for sure is that I AM HERE RIGHT NOW. It is each person’s own individual responsibility to be a good person at the end of the day or night.  Regardless of what exactly any ‘God’ or ‘Book’ tells us, being loving and positive on the inside is a good thing regardless of religion. Would a ‘God’ being reward us with ascension into heaven and punish us with descent into hell just because we ‘believe or disbelieve’ in him? Or is liberation more about being in our own heaven of inner peace and inner love? The answer is within you.


7. Tantric Love and Sacred Sexuality:

There has been a recent trend in yin-yang or divine feminine and masculine balance through sex and relationships. The ancient knowledge of ‘tantra’ has been interpreted in the west more as a sexual yoga than as the real mystical inner union that it was meant to be. Some even believe that we can never ascend or go to the Source or ‘God’ unless we find our divine counterpart or ‘twin-flame’ first to balance our Shiva with Shakti or vice versa in terms of a romantic union with someone of the opposite gender. Spiritual ‘shivas’ or ‘gurus’ who are looking for their divine ‘shakti’ online to attain mystical union with are one too many and all it often leads to is either a broken heart, broken family or other emotional complications including sexual predatory abuse at times at the hands of a fake ‘tantric master’.

Truth is that we do not always need someone from the outside to balance our sacred currents of feminine and masculine. All relationships can be seen as a manifestation of our inner relationship with our own self and therefore twin-flame may well be just our-self or an inner balance while often manifesting as a spiritually sound relationship too. While sexuality is a personal choice, tantra could be a divine opening of our own inner channels of peace and bliss rather than an exploration with a partner, although people are free to choose sexual relationships regardless of gender as a sacred path. Each one to his or her own, but most of all, why be afraid of being on our own?


Finally we can all believe in whatever we like, and who knows we may find our-self there sooner or later, whether it is Agartha, Atlantis, Lemuria, Starships, Angelic heavens, Demonic hells, Twin-flame or Soul Family Reunions, Galactic systems or New Earth. Whatever we believe in has a potential of transforming into our ‘next’ adventure – we cannot say exactly when, how or what kind. Love, Peace, Kindness, Humility, Compassion, Abundance – are always within us, even right now.

So why wait for some sort of ascension when we can just Be at Peace Right Now.

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