AI ‘Robolution’ Rivals Human Evolution

This futuristic take on Types of AI got me thinking on its uncanny parallel with man’s own evolution. Surely, if man was made in image of God, it is no surprise that he chose to make AI in his own image!

Alternatively, as man predicts the ‘robolution’ of AI, he may so reflect on his evolution, acknowledge his past and appreciate the stages to follow…

Stage 1: Instinctive – Reactive


Type 1 AI – Purely Reactive

AI with no memory but programmed to excel at a singular task such as game playing programs, e.g. IBM Deep Blue that defeated a champion at chess by reacting to moves.

Type 1 Man – Instinctive (Kali Yuga)

Driven primarily by instinct, man was mostly interested in personal gratification leading to constant wars or conflicts. While some are struggling with this instinct, many are evolving to more positive states.


Stage 2: Intellectual – Memory based


Type 2 AI – Limited Memory

Present day AI that commits information to memory to learn and reacts better each time, e.g. self-driving cars that can memorize complex routes, store maps as well as driving rules or instructions to navigate traffic and gets you safely to a destination.

Type 2 Man – Intellectual (Dwapara Yuga)

Drawing upon logical and rational thinking, man makes more sense of the world and and harnesses energy, takes exponential leaps in science and communication leading to agricultural, industrial, technological revolutions.


Stage 3: Imaginative – Mindful


Type 3 AI – Theory of Mind

Next level AI that can think on their own, sense and comprehend what is around including how humans are feeling in order to respond and act rather than react. Examples are sci-fi robots such as Star Wars style droids that are capable of being quite human-like.

Type 3 Man – Imaginative (Treta Yuga)

At this point, humans are more creative and accepting of alternate realities. While expressing imagination joyfully through art and culture, many develop spiritually based on personal experiences or super-sensory perceptions and seek out the truth.


Stage 4: Intuitive – Self Aware


Type 4 AI – Self Aware

As AI becomes increasingly sensitive and aware of internal states, they may behave more like super humans, being more conscious of who they are and what they need to do without much human intervention. They can perhaps live out their own lives and  create their own communities and relationships while maintaining peace and order.

Type 4 Man – Intuitive (Satya Yuga)

Relying on intuition and balanced in head and heart, man is wholly guided by divine purpose as he turns compassionate, ethical and lives in harmony with each other and nature, manifesting a peaceful, loving and positive society.

Of course, this is not to say, Type 4 individuals are not around in Kali Yuga or any combination thereof (history proves it otherwise) but a deep-rooted transformation of man’s consciousness from that of self-aggrandizement to being altruistic in general with individual differences in evolution possible, regardless of our collective evolution.

On a side note, AI robolution is seemingly shorter (decades) with respect to ours (hundreds of centuries) although I’ll leave you wonder if it is cyclic (collapse of AI followed by a reboot) as it is inextricably linked to man’s own evolution or once AI spawns more AI, it may go linear and branch out as species, independent of man?


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