Calling for World Peace

Efforts to promote world peace are on the rise as events all over the world align in synchronicity:


  1. Goa is hosting the World Peace Music Festival called Sur Jahan from February 8 to 10. International teams from Denmark, Czech Republic, Sweden, Russia and three national teams would participate in this non-commercial, non-ticketed event.
  2. Penzance in Cornwall is hosting a World Peace Conference at the Queen’s Hotel on February 25 and 26 with speakers from various religious backgrounds uniting for tolerance and interfaith cooperation.
  3. The Bahais of Tampa held a Meeting of The Minds on January 28 to discuss attitudes towards World Peace from the Bahai point of view
  4. In Patna, India, devotees have conducted a mahayagya or a great ritual for World Peace on 25 January with chanting over 5 lakh hymns that brought together over 15000 participants
  5. The Dalai Lama has urged Trump and Putin to work together in strengthening World Peace through nuclear disarmament in his speech in New Delhi on 25 January, while affirming that the world has been steadily moving towards peace and harmony over the years.
  6. Meanwhile Greek president Prokopios Pavlopoulos during a visit to Portugal has urged Europe to ensure World Peace and not just focus on the role of USA alone, while highlighting the merits of accepting refugees and immigrants as a mark of trust to replace fear based approach.

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