Positive Book: Magickal Energy Healing

Published by The Positive Media:

Energy Healing is the key to living a life that is balanced in all respects. Learn to cleanse, ground and shield yourself. Learn about the seven major and 77 minor chakras and techniques to cleanse, heal, energize and balance them. Learn about the astral body and light-working to cut off unwanted cords and attachments and to enhance your power. Work with magickal thought-forms to create your fantasy in the astral dimension. Using words of power, mantras and verbal commands through your third eye, you can attract your wishes effortlessly and banish negativity too. Learn about magickal wands and how to use them. Delve into past life and future healing and integration of spiritual and physical self in easy guided meditations. This book helps you on a path to self realization and inner mastery in a multitude of ways. Rich illustrations and tables help you grasp the concepts in each chapter as you proceed your study of this fascinating subject.

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