NASA Finds Thousands of Black Holes

Physicist Nassim Haramein believes black holes seeded the baby universe and dust and gas spun around it to form galaxies, adding a twist to the popular notion, black holes are merely the aftermath of supernovas…

Think of black coffee swirling around in a mug yet not visible to the naked eye unless you add milk to it. Interesting enough, NASA recently found thousands of black holes dated billions of years right back to the big bang when there were little or no stars about to die so could this be the smoking gun for that theory?

Is it possible our universe itself spawned out of a white hole in a field of singularities with other universes being born or ending in a singularity as we speak? It is thought, in a black hole singularity, time and space swap axis so an observer has infinite time and zero local space so a white hole singularity can have zero time and infinite non local space. By local, imagine our universe bubble and non local, a sea of froth…

To go further, why is there something rather than nothing, asks physicist Lawrence Krauss or since out of nothing sprung something, is that nothing, nothing but black holes inside out or white holes bursting with the potentiality of creation, bearing a possibility of life?



Bhaskar Dutta is a writer and IT specialist based in London.

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