Spirituality and Religion, Esoteric and Exoteric aspects

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One should neither mix nor separate spirituality from religion (theism) since

1) We all are spiritual beings , experiencing physical existence at different individual levels.

2) So called spirituals and non spirituals are both existing in theistic and atheistic groups alike.

3) There are two aspects of all religions, ESOTERIC AND EXOTERIC; esoteric (spiritual) aspect is almost same for all religions. To make this point clear I would like to classify theistic and atheistic groups in a systematic manner.

We can see 2 kinds of atheists

  • 1)SPIRITUAL ATHEISTS are people who do not believe in a literal “God” , but still consider themselves to be (often deeply) “Spiritual” people..also known as non theistic spirituality.. There is no consensus among Spiritual Atheists regarding the literal existence of one’s own “spirit” or a collective “spirit”; however, there is consensus that if any “spirit” does exist, it is not external to the universe and it is not “supernatural”. Spiritual Atheists believe that nothing that exists or happens violates the nature of the universe; they believe that all such things only further DEFINE the nature of the universe.For Spiritual Atheists, being “spiritual” means (at the very least) to nurture thoughts, words, and actions that are in harmony with the idea that the entire universe is, in some way, connected; even if only by the mysterious flow of cause and effect at every scale.
  • 2)NON SPIRITUAL ATHEISTS..are further divided into two classes .i)Dogmatic and (ii)Non dogmatic.. first type of non-believer might be seen as lacking a certain humility. In their outspoken conviction, they’re quite prepared to go on record declaring the non-existence of any supernatural being. Which is to say, their claim is not expressed as an opinion but as UNDENIABLE FACT. (i.e., “No God, or gods, exist. Case closed…unless you present me with indisputable scientific evidence to the contrary.”). … non-dogmatic disbelievers go only one (modest) step beyond the undecided agnostic. But the more tolerant (or less “doctrinaire”) atheist ,unlike the agnostic, who prefers to remain non-committal ,is still ready to take a stand on the matter, asserting (though as an OPINION) “I believe that no god (and certainly not God in the traditional sense) exists.”
    Similarly theists are also of two kinds
  • 1) SPIRITUAL THEISTS..those who have experienced subtle realms and are into INWARD spiritual practices..they know the taste of inner realm of stillness by experience, they also understand the mysticism and symbolism of religious expressions..they laugh at religious conflicts .
  • 2) NONSPIRITUAL THEISTS..are those who blindly follow the scripts and customs without knowing the underlying mysticism and ESOTERIC aspects of religions.they are seen to be indulged in EXTERNAL customs..rarely seen into INWARD practices..they worship God out of fear and selfishness,or sometimes as unquestionable ancestral culture….for the purpose of material well being.. spiritual activities for self growth are rarely seen in their life..they are the ones who easily get involved in religious conflicts .

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