Five Stages of Awakening

Awakening is all about opening our eyes to Truth. We are all born into this world unaware of who we are and what we are really doing here. It takes us time to come to the realization of our real self for most of us through the journey of life.

  1. The Question: We all seem to go through life and its routines, living as per expectations set by family, society, ourselves…We are asleep and we do not even know it….We don’t know that we don’t know! Until we begin to ask ourselves – What exactly are we doing here? Who are we?doll-1820543_960_720.png
  2. The Search: The Question guides us to our path ahead…we search for the answers…in books, in spiritual discourses, in science journals, in art and poetry…in every corner of the world, in the psychic experiences, in churches and temples…we are seekers of truth. But who are we?kreispuzzel-1713181_960_720
  3. The Disillusionment: No matter how much we look outside…we cannot find the answer…at least not merely through intellectual observation of books, physical universe, people, satsangs, preachers….The Matrix cannot tell you who you are! Yes, we are in an illusion and science confirms we are living in a holographic reality in this fractal world. The dreamworld we are living in is endless and we seem to be drifting aimlessly everywhere in this riddle of life.puzzle-1705339_960_720
  4. Tuning Inwards: Because the outer illusory world we are in is unable to provide us any clear answers – except confirm that we are living in illusion…we have only to look within for knowing who we are. Meditation is the beginning of our inner search. We gain a new purpose, which is to unite with our inner truth. We discover an inner connection to God or the life-force that is divine and eternal, beyond life and death, beyond rebirths, beyond space, time and directions..beach-1599762_960_720
  5. Reuniting: Just as we seek truth, truth seeks us too…we get closer. It is said that when we take one step towards God, he takes a thousand steps towards us. There are endless universes in this reality game and this being of truth whom we seek is omnipresent and infinite. He or she is our inner truth or real self and just as our inner chakras and channels open up one by one we are beginning for the grand experience of homecoming. abstract-1780236_960_720.png


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