The Nature of the Serpent is to Bite. That’s Not Going to Change Mine…

A man noticed a snake burning and dying and decided to get her out of the fire but when he did, the snake bit him. Hurt, the man released her and the animal fell back into the fire. The man tried to get her out a second time…and again the snake bit him.

A passerby watching approached the man and asked, “Excuse me, you are being stubborn! Can you not see that every time you try to get her out of the fire, she is going to bite you?”

The man answered, “That is the nature of the serpent…to bite others and that’s not going to change mine, which is to help.”

Finally, with the help of a rod, the man pulled the snake of fire and saved her life. Moral is why change your nature if someone does you harm? Why change if yours is to help but look after your safety  first and take precaution.

Some pursue happiness, others create it. Worry more about your conscience than your reputation. Because your conscience is what you are and your reputation is what other people think of you. And what other people think, is their problem…not yours!



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