The Chosen One

“If you want to follow Jesus, you better look good on wood!” –  Father Dan Berrigan  (Poet, Priest, Peace Activist)

As an editor and a writer on this site , I avoid any religious topic as a rule but given the time of year, I’m wont to make an exception to share a couple of ideas that I hope you will accept in good humor.

The first one is a scientific explanation of God that I ran into recently that may hopefully intrigue you and second, a more logical explanation of the second coming of Christ, than what is usually preached and if that offends your faith, I ask for forgiveness and request you to close this page and move on.

Still happy to hear? Allow me to hearken Fr. Dan’s advice and go out on a limb…


Dr. Paul Brunton, author of Search of Secret India/Search of Secret Egypt, whose secret as a writer was his attitude of spiritual sympathy tempered with scientific scepticism, argues in his book, ‘Inner Reality’ that in the coming ages, religion will be strengthened by science as man will have scientific proof of God and no longer be led by  simple belief. He adds, scientists are not only accepting that the source of the universe is unity out of which the multiplicity of objects and forces we see around us has sprung but starting to break down matter into radiant energy or light so if what the Bible says is true, first there was light and then God created this and that, ask yourself how God created light?

In other words, how could He have created it except out of himself, unless as a spider spins a web out of itself? The web is no different from the spider’s body, it is but part of it and so God created light out of his own being and this means that light is no other than God. Light is God! Next, if all material objects without a single exception- whether you take your own physical body or the chair where you are seated is but a gross materialization of the radiant energy of light, do you not see that God is, therefore everywhere present? It is not merely a poetical fancy but a fact then that the material world is built up out of light and so we come full circle to the concept of God as scientifically at the back of everything and always within reach, because wherever you turn, God is literally there!


Monk Paramahansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi, wrote a detailed commentary on the Gospels in a two set volume, ‘The Second Coming of Christ’ in which he explains from personal communion that the second coming of christ is not so much a physical event of the reincarnation of Jesus but a mystical experience of the realization of christ consciousness, at some stage, by each of us.

This explanation is far more satisfying as it confirms the true mission of Christ was not really to build churches or start a new religion but redefine the concept of God from something that is wonderful but abstract to someone up close and personal and more importantly, inspire and guide so we may also have that same blessed consciousness as he had! It is like we are unconsciously waiting to find Jesus (re)born inside us so we too can grow into Christ. Think about it – even if Jesus returned for Chrissake, would he rather sit in the back of a church, right between you and me and pray, unassumingly or walk around the corridors of Vatican?

It is amusing if you look at the updated nativity scene (see title image) in recent news, on the birth (or rebirth) of Christ into modern times…solar roofed stable, pouting selfie, wise men on wheels with Amazon boxes, teen shepherd on iPhone posting on Instagram to an organic cow, sheep in jumper – gentrified glamping!

That said, question remains, who is the chosen one? I guess the answer is who isn’t.




Bhaskar Dutta is a writer and IT specialist based in London.

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