Five Myths About Spiritual People

Spirituality is sometimes misunderstood in society. Most people are still learning about the outer world of physical dimensions and are unaware of the spiritual world. These are five preconceived notions that you might need to transform when dealing with opinions around you in media and social interactions.

Myth 1: Spiritual People are Unbalanced and Lost In a Fantasy World


Truth: There may be some people who are lost in fantasy and surrealism without real spiritual awareness, however a person who is truly spiritual and meditative is normally balanced in the physical, mental as well as spiritual sense. Truly spiritual people are not lunatic, crazy, detached from reality or escaping depression, although they could go through various phases of highs or lows in their journey of life. They see the reality around them as well as seek the inner truth within it to understand themselves better. Spirituality is about applying inner wisdom even while being in the outer world in a way that improves, transforms and enlightens our incarnation. It is about knowing who we are and what the world is truly made of, making it a scientific inquiry into the meaning and purpose of life.

Myth 2: Spiritual People Are Always Sweet and Praise You All The Time


Truth: While spirituality does improve one’s capacity to be loving, kind and helpful to the right cause, spiritual people also have a high sense of honesty and ethics and will not promote the wrong cause. Do not expect them to have fake sweetness or to wear a false mask just to maintain relations. They are trusting but once they see deception, dishonesty and lack of sincerity they expose agendas that do not seem to resonate with love and light. Trying to harm or trick anyone who is spiritually wise can usually backfire, not because they will harm you back, but because your own karma will return your way immediately and automatically. From their side they are open to authentic communication and to forgive unconditionally, but they detach and leave you to learn your lessons if you are unwilling to learn through wisdom.

Myth 3: Spiritual People Should Not be Prosperous or Enjoy Life


Truth: Spiritual people know how to attract abundance for themselves and others as and when required because there is always more than enough in nature for everyone including ourselves. While it is true that spirituality makes one less dependent on outer pleasures and outer comfort, spiritual people are not beggars either. They are aware that money is a resource that is not evil in itself. It is how you apply money that makes you deserving or undeserving. When offered money or resources they prefer to use it well in ways that enlighten, inspire and heal the world. Supporting spiritual cause of raising consciousness could be better than wasting money and resources on businesses and activities than merely promote ill-health and unhappiness in the world around us.

Myth 4: Spiritual People Are Crooks and Con Artists


Truth: The idea that spiritual people are fraudulent stems from observing those who are not at all spiritual but pretend being spiritual without being truly positive from within. Robes and titles, numerous followers and knowledge of mantras, books or scriptures cannot always indicate true spirituality. With skepticism, doubt and fear, you might not attract the right people towards you. In case you are coming across a lot of negative people disguised as spiritual it may be a good idea to meditate and attain your own inner realizations first. Once you are intuitive and on the meditative path you will slowly begin to attract and understand the right spiritual people and their vibrations. You will find many people who are genuinely intuitive, truly inspiring and full of healing energy… especially yourself.

Myth 5:  Spiritual People Have Special Miraculous Powers


Truth: We all have inner power over our life and our realities – we just have to realize who we are. The only thing spiritual realization will give you is higher awareness. Through awareness and knowledge you will be able to understand and deal with life situations in intuitive and wise ways. You will be able to create a life of your choice just as well as anyone else can. A truly spiritual master will not ask you to follow him unquestioningly, or demonstrate their superiority over others through any magic tricks. The right gurus are the ones to awaken the guru within yourself and to help you gain awareness to become your own master. Most importantly spiritual persons are not addicted to powers but adept at letting go of the outer illusions and focusing on the inner truth.

swatiprakash  Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on

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