7 New Ways of Raising the New Generation

The world is transforming everyday and we are awakening to new ways of being and becoming in each moment. The old rules of parenting, teaching and authority may not always apply to all of us from now on. We are realizing that raising children is not just about making them do what we want them to do, but about allowing them to be the best they can be through their own self-realization.

1. Recognize their Spirit: We were children once and the way we were brought up was, at many times, based on the old-fashioned world views of materialism. Today we awaken to our spiritual truth. We are seeing ourselves as spirit beings who have manifested our bodies and our realities through our own mind. We are realizing that our children too are divine spirits embodied in their cute exteriors. Their bodies are growing and so are their minds, but deep within we can see a soul that is wise beyond appearances. You are looking at someone with lifetimes of experiences and awareness hidden underneath.kids4

2. Respect your Kids: When we begin to see our children and ourselves as divine beings of spirit rather than just material or physical objects, respect for ourselves and for others including our kids is quite automatic. Self-respecting parents would respect their children and their children would grow up into self-respecting adults. In contrast, parents who have not learnt the values of self-love and self-respect treat kids as their possessions and might turn abusive verbally or physically with kids. Kids are small and vulnerable and if anything, this should ideally inspire kindness and care, not control and domination. They are our equals in every way.kids2

3. Let them Know Themselves: Traditional schooling and parenting were based on materialism and therefore focused on gaining understanding about physical processes and worldly life alone. Modern schooling and parenting is based on spiritual realization and need to focus on first and foremost an awareness of who we are deep within. We are beginning to understand what are we doing in this world and how we can interact with reality and literally manifest a reality through our choices. We need to allow children to question reality and understand their own choices at any point instead of merely telling them what to do. kids3

4. Allow Truthful Expression: Society has focused on being outwardly polite and two-faced for much too long. We taught our kids manners and not real love. We learnt that it is necessary to pretend to like someone, to engage in ‘small talk’ and greetings when we see others just for the sake of it, and to socialize at the expense of self-awareness. Today we see through the falseness of these facades when we see people gossip behind the backs of the very people they greet sweetly. Will it not be a better world if people allowed love and kindness to emerge honestly from the depth of each heart and soul? This begins with allowing kids to choose whether they want to interact with others, choose with whom they really want to talk to and what they wish to express rather than making them pretentious. kids6

5. Let Them Choose How to Be: Much too early in life parent’s have this urge of thinking about what the child would ‘turn out to be’ when they grow up. In truth, we never stop growing up mentally. We are always learning and changing our outward forms. Our fashion sense, our career choices, our relationships, our interests and hobbies…all are changeable and unlimited at any point. Let kids learn that how they are and what they do as kids or adults at any time is completely dependent on them, instead of imposing structured ways of limited thinking. When we let go of our expectations regarding their career, their lifestyle, their hobbies or anything else, we can allow a natural blossoming of their potentialities.kids5.jpg

6. Trust and Love Unconditionally: A lot of parenting has been fear based. We tried to protect our little ones from running into trouble, with the world, with evil, with authorities, with the systems around us…Our own fears constantly projected upon our children stifled their trusting spirit. We forgot that all of reality is TOTALLY and completely our creation. All we need to do it understand and remember the rules that we have placed in our own world through our own choices. We have created each system and each path in our world in order to navigate it more comfortably. Instead of fighting and feeling angry or frustrated, we need to remember that the ultimate creator is within us all, including our kids. kids1

7. Let Intuition Be The Guide: As parents and teachers of the younger generation the temptation of being the master and ultimate guide is quite strong at times. Yet, the real parent and teacher is one who allows the child’s own inner guidance to emerge naturally and meditatively. They are living, learning, choosing, creating this world constantly. To flow with intuition is to recognize the creator within and allow this inner creative power to take over and manifest our best. When the inner creative spirit guides our choices we know that somehow all will align with the highest good.kids7swatiprakash  Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on www.amazon.com/author/swatiprakash

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