Seven Habits of Highly Spiritual People

Spirituality is all about recognising our inner spiritual truth, simplicity and oneness. Here are seven behavior traits we would commonly find in true spiritual beings:

  1. Remain Humble: Spirituality is not about wearing impressive garb and pretending to be more powerful than anyone else. True spirituality is about seeing the power in each and every person, each and every thing. It recognizes the divine essence in each stone and tree, each animal and person. Spiritual beings allow the divinity of each one to be expressed naturally because they are aware that all is divine. They keep learning.namaste
  2. Allow Kindness: Being spiritually aware, we try to understand others, their stories, their own state of awareness, their own ups and downs…and instead of judging or hating, we would feel love and only wish for their highest good, no matter how ‘bad’ they might have been. They are just reflecting  a part of your inner consciousness. You will also be kind and understanding to all creatures, including yourself in your personal journey. Be in the energy of love which is our real
  3. Forgive Easily: Everyone makes mistakes at some point of time. Not everyone is at their peak of awareness and it is okay to have gone through those dark moments. Forgive yourself first and foremost and see others too as people just like you. In this life or past lives we all have erred and have learnt lessons along the way. We are all capable of change with a willingness to improve and heal. Allow this change by not blocking your mind with negative perceptions. Let go and be peaceful.hug-1315545_960_720
  4. Be Honest: Trying to manipulate, lie or pretend is what we do when we are afraid of allowing truth. Whom are we afraid of when there is nothing outside? Spirituality is all about inner truth. We allow our own negativity to be released by being honest with ourselves instead of hiding our faults. As we know that everything is stemming from what is within, we need not be afraid of the world either. The more we are aware of our own self-created illusions, the more courage we develop to face truth, and less the fear of being
  5. Feel Playfully Secure: Insecurity is the result of being unaware that we create 100% of our life, either consciously or unconsciously. It is our unconscious or unknown mind that feels vulnerable. When awakened our consciousness knows itself. Being aware of our shadows turns them to light. We meditate and feel connected to the natural perfection within that permeates all existence. In this divine play called life, everything falls in place automatically when we relax and let go of fear. kid-1241817_960_720
  6. Encourage Success: Jealousy and resentment are built out of a feeling that others do not deserve success, which stems from a fear of one’s own success. A spiritual being is free of ego, with a large and generous heart to welcome success all around including their own life. Feeling happy to see others and oneself enjoying a positive and prosperous life is the mark of an awakened being. Let abundance be.cheers-1081828_960_720
  7. Stay Positive: Negativity would have appeared numerous times to all of us. Yet there is something divinely positive within everything. All is our own awareness appearing as reality to teach us more about ourselves. As we learn, we slowly find an inner gold which can no longer get affected by negativity. In-fact negativity transforms naturally to positive energy sooner or later with awareness. Energy falls and rises again, in its various states, till it is fully awakened to its inner divine self, to our true  Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on

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