Is The Black Moon a Sign of Apocalypse?

We may have recently heard the term black moon and with the irrational fears surrounding the word ‘black’ some people connected it falsely with end of the world prophecies. In truth black moon is commonly a term used to refer to the second new moon that occurs in a month, just like blue moon is commonly a term to denote the second full moon in a calendar month. In this definition both blue moon and black moon would occur once in every 2.5 years.

There are some other ways of defining ‘blue moon’ and ‘black moon’ too. Astronomers often call the third or extra full moon of a season the blue moon. Simply put there would be thirteen full moons in a year and one of them is a ‘blue moon’ to occur periodically. In case of the ‘black moon’, the absence of a full moon or a new moon in a month is also sometimes referred to as a ‘black moon’ and this usually happens in February once in 19 years or so which makes it a much rarer phenomena comparatively.

So, is any of these ‘black moons’ a sign of doom and gloom? Of course not. Just like ‘blood moon’ or any date, month, year combinations – all these phenomena are merely associated with natural phenomena appearing within our calendars. Similarly dates and their frequencies such as 9.9.9 portals of September, or the numerical significance of any special dates are all dependent on the way we have designed our calendars through the ages in combination with the numerical frequencies. As they are based on our calendars they cannot denote the end of the world, simply because calendars are designed by human civilizations from time to time and these human civilizations are not the entire universe. This is the reason why the Mayan calendar’s prophecy was misunderstood by some people as ‘the end of the world’, while it was merely associated with their specific calendar.

Dates and frequencies of moons, eclipses and other celestial events can have a personal or group significance to many of us simply because of our belief and resonance with the same. The way these symbols manifest in our life has more to do with our interpretation, than with these events themselves. The new moon has usually been a symbol of new beginnings that usually follow endings. Similarly the full moons are symbols of awareness. This stems from the fact that the moon appears partially to us,appears full and does not appear at all during the new moon phase. The new moon is not necessarily a sign of negativity. If you believe in the positive the meaning of new moon and the associated ‘black moon’ will also transform to positive for you. Our mind ultimately is the creator of the matrix of life.

Black too can be seen as simply those things we cannot view with our limited human vision. It is not a negative or fearful color but a symbol of mystery and intuition.

As far as ‘end of the world’ theories go it is necessary not to focus on the fears and to remember that endings are usually beginnings in disguise, while infinity is our inner truth. It is wise to meditate, follow intuition and to live a positive life instead of focusing on ‘end of the world’ theories set in ignorance.

swatiprakash  Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on

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  1. Very enlightening—-now we can see what is in the dark (or black, which science tell us, is NOT a color but absence of brightness of all colors). It is heartening to know black is not bad or evil though I never accepted it by myself. Let’s have light and darkness whenever and wherever they are appropriate. Thanks Swati.


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