Five Positive Meanings of an Eclipse


Fears have been spread concerning eclipses by some astrologers partially due to lack of understanding of the natural science behind it and partially due to negative spiritual mindset. In truth eclipses can be wonderful opportunities for sky-gazing and can be interpreted in a positive way through the right spiritual awareness. Here are five ways to change the way you feel about eclipses:

  1. An Aligning of Energies: Eclipses occur when the Sun or Moon seem to disappear momentarily either totally or partially during new moon and full moon respectively at certain times of the year. This actually happens when Sun, Moon and Earth are in a straight line with either moon or earth in the middle. Instead of seeing it as a negative sign, we can see it as a symbolic alignment of Solar and Lunar forces of divinity for Earth Healing and balancing.yinyang
  2. A Magical Time: As the Sun represents outer-life and Moon signifies the inner psyche, eclipses being an alignment of these two around us, can indicate a rare celestial event that can be magical in potential as the inner and outer world are connected and harmonized celestially. See it as a divine play of light with you as a witness of the beauty of the universe.plasma-ball
  3. Light Returning: Instead of seeing the Eclipse as a shadow, try to see it as light returning after a very temporary shadow. This way you can focus upon any issues that were hidden so far from your awareness and bring new solutions in focus. It can be a moment of unveiling and re-awakening to the truth.magic-1442661_960_720
  4. Lifting the Shadows: With ‘Shadow-work’ you can introspect upon and release your own inner shadows. This can be a great psychological and spiritual exercise of discovering your hidden or subconscious blockages and transforming them. Time to face your fears, clear your mental blocks and let-go of any guilt, worry or anger that came in the way of your inner peace and
  5. Transforming your Problems: As darkness turns to light you can light a candle, visualize or affirm that your problems have been transformed through new awareness and something better is now on its way as your path is unblocked. Significant transformations from negative to positive are likely as a result. right-707517_960_720

In short, it is your choice to use any event outside you as a positive or a negative sign. The way you feel about it is the way it will manifest its meaning in your life. Never lose an opportunity to get back in touch with your true self. Feel free to meditate, shield yourself with a light of protection, perform transformation spells and create inner peace during eclipses. Travel or consume food should need be without being negatively superstitious. Your beliefs create your reality, so why not discard the negative and choose the positive now?

swatiprakash  Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on

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