Saturday Story: The Lego World

lego player

Once a little kid received a gift – a brand new Lego set with pieces that could fit into each other. He was excited. He started creating his imagination out, making forests, houses, people and vehicles with his pieces. To add to the fun he started role playing with the pieces, naming all the people, even assuming an identity for himself, and making all the pieces interact with each other and their little toy world.

lego house

This world had its own time, its own ways of operating, all created by him. As he had named one of the pieces after himself he enjoyed it even more, as if he was really in the game. He had car races with his other Lego pieces, worked in the city with them where they all had jobs. All the pieces lived with each other and talked to each other day after day. He got so engrossed and involved in his play that he forgot that the real him was not one of the pieces but the player above.legoland

Once his car crashed and broke. He was upset and the pieces blamed each other for the accident. Another time he accidentally broke parts of the city and felt angry at everything for chaotic and uncontrollable. The pieces began fighting, arguing and destroying their own world through these imaginary stories and ideas. The game had gotten ugly. All this while the child who was playing this game had totally forgotten that it was just a game and that he was the player above and not just a small part of the game below. He wanted someone to rescue the world and save the world somehow, forgetting that it was he alone who was responsible.

lego angrylego hero

Slowly he started maturing, gaining more control and skill in this game. He decided to be patient with himself, learning to grow and improve the game himself. He started rebuilding the broken pieces. When there was destruction he started creating once again, mastering the moves and playing better time after time. As he learnt more and more about his skills and his powers in this game to create and re-create the world, he started remembering and returning to be the happy child above, satisfied that he had played well.

lego stars


This game is our life and this player, this child is our true Self. All the parts and pieces of this game called the World are being handled by the same divine hands that is common to all of us. All our bodies and all the various roles we take time after time are connected with the same one consciousness. The mind that shapes and creates, remakes and rebuilds this world is ONE mind. The same one being is talking, interacting, playing and learning through all of us. The stories and myths, religions and rituals of life are all our creations. The rules and social concepts of this world are our creation. If we connect with this One consciousness above who is our real Self, we can achieve anything, creating, re-creating and healing our world with infinite possibilities. Let not the many different pieces and many different parts of this game fight, anger, get frustrated and give up on each other. Let us all remember that we are ONE. Enjoy this game of life – that’s what it is for!

lego people.jpg

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