Is The Black Moon a Sign of Apocalypse?

We may have recently heard the term black moon and with the irrational fears surrounding the word ‘black’ some people connected it falsely with end of the world prophecies. In truth black moon is commonly a term used to refer to the second new moon that occurs in a month, just like blue moon is commonly a term to denote the second full moon in a calendar month. In this definition both blue moon and black moon would occur once in every 2.5 years.

There are some other ways of defining ‘blue moon’ and ‘black moon’ too. Astronomers often call the third or extra full moon of a season the blue moon. Simply put there would be thirteen full moons in a year and one of them is a ‘blue moon’ to occur periodically. In case of the ‘black moon’, the absence of a full moon or a new moon in a month is also sometimes referred to as a ‘black moon’ and this usually happens in February once in 19 years or so which makes it a much rarer phenomena comparatively.

So, is any of these ‘black moons’ a sign of doom and gloom? Of course not. Just like ‘blood moon’ or any date, month, year combinations – all these phenomena are merely associated with natural phenomena appearing within our calendars. Similarly dates and their frequencies such as 9.9.9 portals of September, or the numerical significance of any special dates are all dependent on the way we have designed our calendars through the ages in combination with the numerical frequencies. As they are based on our calendars they cannot denote the end of the world, simply because calendars are designed by human civilizations from time to time and these human civilizations are not the entire universe. This is the reason why the Mayan calendar’s prophecy was misunderstood by some people as ‘the end of the world’, while it was merely associated with their specific calendar.

Dates and frequencies of moons, eclipses and other celestial events can have a personal or group significance to many of us simply because of our belief and resonance with the same. The way these symbols manifest in our life has more to do with our interpretation, than with these events themselves. The new moon has usually been a symbol of new beginnings that usually follow endings. Similarly the full moons are symbols of awareness. This stems from the fact that the moon appears partially to us,appears full and does not appear at all during the new moon phase. The new moon is not necessarily a sign of negativity. If you believe in the positive the meaning of new moon and the associated ‘black moon’ will also transform to positive for you. Our mind ultimately is the creator of the matrix of life.

Black too can be seen as simply those things we cannot view with our limited human vision. It is not a negative or fearful color but a symbol of mystery and intuition.

As far as ‘end of the world’ theories go it is necessary not to focus on the fears and to remember that endings are usually beginnings in disguise, while infinity is our inner truth. It is wise to meditate, follow intuition and to live a positive life instead of focusing on ‘end of the world’ theories set in ignorance.

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Ten Ways to Know If It is True Love


Love – this word was much misunderstood so far owing to excessive focus on sexual attraction, melodrama, pain and sorrow being depicted in media in connection with relationships. Through a rise in spiritual awareness, people are now realizing the difference between superficial relationships and the real deal. Here are ten clear differences between the two to help you enhance true love in your life:

  1. Not Desire but Compassion: Love is free of desire because it focuses on giving and not on what you can get. Its based on caring for each other emotionally and connecting spiritually as one soul. This develops a genuine base for the relationship, beyond the bio-chemical rush that is sometimes mistaken for love.
  2. Not Fear but Trust: In a shallow relationship you would be afraid of losing someone because of insecurities. These fears are based on experiences where you are unable to trust your partner. In real love we let go of insecurities and feel relaxed. There is no need to control the partner because you can intuitively sense that all is well.
  3. Not for Social reasons but for Togetherness: A false relationship is built on external foundations, whether to please your family or display your status in society or to boost your ego through your choice of partner. Real love cares for being together and sharing a personal bond with no interest in external show.
  4. Not Careless but Loyal: In a casual relationship partners can easily betray each other as they do not care enough to take responsibility for making the relationship successful. Those who invest in a real relationship take good care not to hurt each other’s feelings and respect the sanctity of the relationship.
  5. Not Hurting but Healing: They say if it doesn’t hurt it is not love. This could not be further from truth. Love does not hurt – it heals. Real love is about a deep soul connection with your partner, knowing that you are reflected in each other. It is an opportunity to heal and soothe our lifetimes of pain by learning how to nourish each other and our own self as one.
  6. Not Needy but Content: In a false relationship there is a constant need for something or someone to complete you. In real love you know you have anchored yourself in relationship where you are more than enough and not constantly looking for something or someone new. You feel complete in yourself.
  7. Not Compromising but Uplifting: It is a myth that you have to meet each other half-way by letting go of your values and cherished dreams so that you can be together. In true love both partners uplift each other and themselves to greater levels in career, finances, spiritual awareness, health and in every possible aspect of life.
  8. Not Sacrifice but Abundance: Love, thy name is sacrifice – right? In-fact you could not be more wrong. Love is all about abundance. Love recognizes that all of us can have unlimited happiness and all good things. None of us need to sacrifice our own good for the other person’s good. In-fact the more you give the more you are given by the universe. You are never left poor in love.
  9. No Guilt or Hate but Forgiveness: In superficial relationships we are afraid to express each other and pent up our emotions lest we should hurt our partner. In a real relationship you can be free of guilt knowing that complete honesty is possible without attracting hate or wrath. Both you and your partner value the qualities of forgiveness while learning the lessons consciously in every experience.
  10. Not Selfish but Unconditional: It is not love if you want something from someone. In love you love just because of love. You are not always counting what you are getting in return or thinking about how someone should please you. Both partners are spiritually awakened and able to find inner peace without loading each other with expectations. Unconditional love is not hard to find if you have it within yourself first.loveswatiprakash  Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on

Debunking Nine Common Myths about Vegetarianism

We have all heard strong arguments, not just from others but from ourselves in the past when we were thoroughly defensive of non-vegetarianism. We justified meat eating primarily because of old beliefs and habits carried through generations. Thankfully the right awareness can be spread for the benefit of all concerned so that we can be on a path which is peaceful while not falling for the same old traps again. Here is how:

MYTH 1: Vegetarians Kill Plants

It is true that plants have life like animals do and there is no saying that plant life is less valuable than animal life. The fact is that plants do not usually die when you consume their parts. The plant does not even die when you pick its fruits. Their life energy is still intact and not lost making fresh fruits a ‘sattvic’ or positive diet. In contrast eating an animal involves killing them. By taking away their life prematurely we were consuming dead or ‘tamasic’ energy. In contrast plants retain fresh life energy regardless of your harvesting them. In-fact there are perennials that keep growing and providing harvest year after year and annuals would have dried off anyways at the end of the season even if you did not consume them, though many of them reseed and grow again. zucchini-572542_960_720

MYTH 2: Plants Do Not Want to Be Eaten 

Plants automatically shed their ripe fruits without any struggle when the fruits are ready. These fruits, including most vegetables are meant to be consumed so that the left-over seeds can be spread around or replanted. Even if you consume some of their leaves and seeds, as compared to animals, plants can regenerate and heal. To avoid overcrowding and to help them grow better they require thinning out, spreading, harvesting and trimming. In-fact they grow better and healthier through right gardening. We can understand the needs of plants, knowing what sort of care they want and refrain from harvesting them too early. When the time is ripe they will be happy to be picked. aubergine

MYTH 3: Plants Hurt Like Animals When We Cut Them

Plants are so calm and silent from within and outside, that their thinking and therefore suffering is negligible as compared to animals. In strike contrast animals feel tremendous pain and suffering. Spend some time out in the garden trimming leaves and picking fruits. Then spend the same amount of time in a slaughterhouse. Feel the difference? Because meat eaters purchased meat over the counter they do not see the pain and forget the part they are playing in taking innocent lives. Yes, plants do have sensations. They can sense light and grow towards it. They can sense approaching pests and protect themselves. It is said they grow better when we sing to them, so they must hear us too. Some can respond to touch. But please do not imagine that they suffer like animals when being cut. fields

MYTH 4: Humans Were Designed to be Meat Eaters

Humans are most similar to the genus Pan consisting species of primates such as Bonobos and Chimpanzees that are primarily fruit eaters. Our teeth, our digestive system and our mind are well tailored for a plant based diet. Even if we once were omnivores and hunter-gatherers in ancient times for reasons of non-availability of adequate plant foods in certain regions of the world, today we have evolved highly. Today we can grow and trade varieties of plant food in almost all countries regardless of climate and weather. We are the only specie to have maximum choices in every aspect of life, unlike other animals who work with their natural limitations. We can now choose to eat plants and be less harmful to other species.bonobo-810549_960_720.jpg

MYTH 5: We Need Animal Foods for Our Health and Nutrition

Plant foods with minimal fortification provide all of the dietary nutrients we need, minus the disease causing properties of animal based food. Most allergies, ailments and cancers can be prevented with herbs and raw vegetables. Plants provide us fibers that help us eliminate toxins and keep our gut clean. Plant vitamins are essential for protecting ourselves from harmful germs while minerals help in our nourishment. They are also rich in proteins and calcium. Through higher spiritual awareness we can also learn to live without too much food and to be healthy from within. There is an inner power that creates everything in the world which meditation connects us with and our body receives energy directly from the inner spirit in increasingly higher proportions with spiritual growth.


MYTH 6: Carnivorous Diet is Part of Ecological Balance, So Why Not Be Meat Eaters

It is true that Lions, Sharks and many species consume meat and nature designed them to be this way in order to keep earth in balance, just like herbivores kept plants from growing too thick. These species were not given a choice. Yet as Human beings we have been given choices and free-will by nature herself. Nature has allowed us to decide and choose whatever is least harmful for all concerned. The human mind is far more flexible and capable of directing our own evolution further into time. Unlike other animals, humans have a chance of approaching towards the spiritual goal of Moksha or liberation from cycles of karma. This can be achieved by learning to be as detached and harmless as possible. foodweb

MYTH 7: It Is Impossible to Never Harm, So Why not Eat Animals

Yes we may be unknowingly harming many small or invisible microbes and insects in our day to day life. This does not mean that it is alright to kill animals for food just because you have been killing various lifeforms inadvertently. When it is plain and obvious that they are being tremendously harmed for the sake of food, you can be kind and considerate enough to avoid eating them, thereby discouraging this age old yet unnecessary practice. Animals clearly feel emotion and have their own families. Killing animals for entertainment, religious sacrifice, medical testing, fashion or any other reason can be equally cruel just like killing them for food when it is very easily avoidable. chicks-1572370_960_720

MYTH 8: Organic Plants Are Expensive and Unavailable

It was animal based and artificially processed foods that were a reason for increase in health problems and associated costs. It is also well known that animal farming so far led to increase in carbon emissions, stressed our resources and hurt our planet. Cultivating plants is far less expensive and less polluting than raising animals for dairy or meat. For the sake of a healthier and prosperous planet we definitely need to go organic and vegan. While it is true that pesticide and chemical laden plants can be harmful for health, organic plants are not as expensive and hard to obtain as once thought. When their demand rises organic farming will become more widespread and affordable too. Most importantly think of all the medical costs savings and better economic productivity when with reduced animal farming and increased organic plant farming. animal-farms

MYTH 9: Meat Eating is Part of Being Natural 

Being natural and returning to our roots is not about going backwards to mid-way in evolution when we were cavemen or hunters. Being natural is about being in touch with our inner self or true nature as a spirit being which is our original self. When we meditate, we stop complicating our minds with all the consumerism inducing messages given through the centuries of false conditioning and artificial stress. We consumed a variety of harmful snacks, fast-food, meat based and processed products because we were busy in our outer or material world without being mindfully and peacefully present in the moment. To be in alignment with our inner nature helps us do what is truly right and meant for us. Our body, mind and spirit respond with well-being as a result. animals.jpg

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Five Positive Meanings of an Eclipse


Fears have been spread concerning eclipses by some astrologers partially due to lack of understanding of the natural science behind it and partially due to negative spiritual mindset. In truth eclipses can be wonderful opportunities for sky-gazing and can be interpreted in a positive way through the right spiritual awareness. Here are five ways to change the way you feel about eclipses:

  1. An Aligning of Energies: Eclipses occur when the Sun or Moon seem to disappear momentarily either totally or partially during new moon and full moon respectively at certain times of the year. This actually happens when Sun, Moon and Earth are in a straight line with either moon or earth in the middle. Instead of seeing it as a negative sign, we can see it as a symbolic alignment of Solar and Lunar forces of divinity for Earth Healing and balancing.yinyang
  2. A Magical Time: As the Sun represents outer-life and Moon signifies the inner psyche, eclipses being an alignment of these two around us, can indicate a rare celestial event that can be magical in potential as the inner and outer world are connected and harmonized celestially. See it as a divine play of light with you as a witness of the beauty of the universe.plasma-ball
  3. Light Returning: Instead of seeing the Eclipse as a shadow, try to see it as light returning after a very temporary shadow. This way you can focus upon any issues that were hidden so far from your awareness and bring new solutions in focus. It can be a moment of unveiling and re-awakening to the truth.magic-1442661_960_720
  4. Lifting the Shadows: With ‘Shadow-work’ you can introspect upon and release your own inner shadows. This can be a great psychological and spiritual exercise of discovering your hidden or subconscious blockages and transforming them. Time to face your fears, clear your mental blocks and let-go of any guilt, worry or anger that came in the way of your inner peace and
  5. Transforming your Problems: As darkness turns to light you can light a candle, visualize or affirm that your problems have been transformed through new awareness and something better is now on its way as your path is unblocked. Significant transformations from negative to positive are likely as a result. right-707517_960_720

In short, it is your choice to use any event outside you as a positive or a negative sign. The way you feel about it is the way it will manifest its meaning in your life. Never lose an opportunity to get back in touch with your true self. Feel free to meditate, shield yourself with a light of protection, perform transformation spells and create inner peace during eclipses. Travel or consume food should need be without being negatively superstitious. Your beliefs create your reality, so why not discard the negative and choose the positive now?

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Weekend Story: The Talking Ganesha


This is a truly trans-formative incident that happened to me over ten years ago in my early twenties. This was when I was wondering about the duality of material and spiritual life and how to keep both in balance.

One night the answer came to me in a surprising way. I am not normally a person who visits physical temples, yet that night I saw in a dream that I visited a temple where there was Shiva’s statue and after that in an inner chamber I saw Ganesha. As I was there I closed my eyes and felt strongly a coin appearing in my palm. I could feel its metallic embossed texture and the sensation of its physicality. I opened my palms and saw it shining there, appearing out of nothing and I looked at the idol of Ganesha before me, wondering what is the secret of manifestation?

Suddenly the idol was animated to life, its mouth moved as if reading my mind and eager to answer my question. In wonder at seeing him alive, I quietly asked, “what is it that we should focus on – is it good to focus only on the spiritual, on ‘God’, or are we supposed to focus on what we want in life to manifest specific things that we need. What should the prime focus be? ” And Ganesha said, “It does not matter whether you focus on God or whether you focus on your material needs. The only thing that matters is that you are happy.”

“Tell this to everyone you know, share this with the world,” he added.

In that moment truth dawned gently upon me. It truly does not matter whether we believe or focus upon a ‘God’, or what form of God or deity we worship. It does not matter what our religion is or what techniques of prayer, rituals, or meditation we use to manifest our wishes. The only thing that will create our life is our inner state. Transform your inner state to a happy one – that is the only secret!

Hope you enjoyed this message and help us spread the light.

Infinite abundance and gratitude!

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Earth Notes: Gratitude to Life by Rani Iyer

Earth Notes: 


Gratitude to life, Gratitude to Earth

Rani Iyer

At one time, during a mega-monsoon rainstorm, I stood under a tree on a cliff. A particularly loud thunder cloud opened up and poured its energy in front of me. The rocks shook. The soil shook. I was shaking inside, visualizing an earthquake or other disasters. I held the tree and said, “I am alone here. Are you with me?”

The answer was a huge bolt of lightning, followed by a thunder that opened up the clouds. I sat under the tree and watched the rain come down in sheets. There was no chance that I would able to get out of the place in the thunderstorm.

Gradually, fear was replaced by curiosity.  I noticed the impromptu waterfall and streams of water flowing all around me. The buttress I stood on was like a throne. I sank into the throne. The chirping cicadas and calling monkeys were familiar calls. I felt very much a part of everything around me. I felt gratitude to Earth resonate in me. My heart pounded Thanks! Thanks!

The moss that trembled like my heart, the leaf that danced fearlessly in the wind, and the worms that came out in the rain and celebrate it was each a treat to watch. It was as if life was celebrating around me. For me. Me?

Some thoughts carry enormous power in them. This one word opened up the world locked within me. The walls melted and merged with the world outside. We were no different. We lived with our own rhythms. I created my own inner landscape with mountains of impossibilities and peaks of possibilities. I too had beautiful thoughts that flowered in the peaks and valleys. Anchored on the peaks were trees of intention, which were growing for many years. Some trees had thorns. Others had sweet fruits. Some had scented flowers. Each one was beautiful. Each one no different from the tree I sat under.

For some nature is a teacher. For some nature is an inspiration. Many find that nature often provides them with answers to their seeking or questions. Nature is more than all that. It is the very source of our existence. What is in nature is also within us. Whatever is within us, we inflict on nature. The two have been different until now. We can change that with our awareness.

With awareness, we can cultivate a beautiful garden in our peaks and valleys. We can offer these flowers back to nature. Our actions and gestures can heal, shower and share our gratitude and gift of life. Our worlds will merge. In gratitude, we stand, with the Earth in our hands.

rani iyer2Rani Iyer is the author of over ten nonfiction books and over 70 magazine articles. She writes about science, nature, culture, human-nature interactions, and natural ecosystems. Rani Iyer has visited and worked in many temperate and tropical forest systems in Asia and North America. Her favorite place on Earth is to be among the old growth mixed temperate evergreen rainforests at the Olympic Peninsula. Her experiences as a tropical field biologist, scientist, instructor, laboratory assistant, and as an administrator inspire her to write. You can read more on and on her amazon page 



Saturday Story: The Lego World

lego player

Once a little kid received a gift – a brand new Lego set with pieces that could fit into each other. He was excited. He started creating his imagination out, making forests, houses, people and vehicles with his pieces. To add to the fun he started role playing with the pieces, naming all the people, even assuming an identity for himself, and making all the pieces interact with each other and their little toy world.

lego house

This world had its own time, its own ways of operating, all created by him. As he had named one of the pieces after himself he enjoyed it even more, as if he was really in the game. He had car races with his other Lego pieces, worked in the city with them where they all had jobs. All the pieces lived with each other and talked to each other day after day. He got so engrossed and involved in his play that he forgot that the real him was not one of the pieces but the player above.legoland

Once his car crashed and broke. He was upset and the pieces blamed each other for the accident. Another time he accidentally broke parts of the city and felt angry at everything for chaotic and uncontrollable. The pieces began fighting, arguing and destroying their own world through these imaginary stories and ideas. The game had gotten ugly. All this while the child who was playing this game had totally forgotten that it was just a game and that he was the player above and not just a small part of the game below. He wanted someone to rescue the world and save the world somehow, forgetting that it was he alone who was responsible.

lego angrylego hero

Slowly he started maturing, gaining more control and skill in this game. He decided to be patient with himself, learning to grow and improve the game himself. He started rebuilding the broken pieces. When there was destruction he started creating once again, mastering the moves and playing better time after time. As he learnt more and more about his skills and his powers in this game to create and re-create the world, he started remembering and returning to be the happy child above, satisfied that he had played well.

lego stars


This game is our life and this player, this child is our true Self. All the parts and pieces of this game called the World are being handled by the same divine hands that is common to all of us. All our bodies and all the various roles we take time after time are connected with the same one consciousness. The mind that shapes and creates, remakes and rebuilds this world is ONE mind. The same one being is talking, interacting, playing and learning through all of us. The stories and myths, religions and rituals of life are all our creations. The rules and social concepts of this world are our creation. If we connect with this One consciousness above who is our real Self, we can achieve anything, creating, re-creating and healing our world with infinite possibilities. Let not the many different pieces and many different parts of this game fight, anger, get frustrated and give up on each other. Let us all remember that we are ONE. Enjoy this game of life – that’s what it is for!

lego people.jpg

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