Six Ways To Success with Saturn Direct and Jupiter in Virgo

As everything is a projection of our energy, celestial events too are reflections of inner change. Jupiter, the planet of wisdom transited into Virgo, the sign of earthly knowledge and practical management on 11 August. And today Saturn, the planet of rules and discipline goes direct after being retrograde from 2 March this year. Here is how to get the best out of this shift:

  1. Get Down to Earth: Time to adopt more humble, realistic and sensible ways of living, thinking and working. Wishes and dreams can be transformed into goals and clear intentions to manifest into your life. Be prepared to take real steps towards progress instead of merely waiting for a change.footprints-1310332_960_720
  2. Take a Reality Check: Your inner thoughts known and unknown to you are constantly manifesting in life. Assess your progress in a practical way and get an idea of what energy you have been receiving and giving. Get your accounts in order. Check your ‘to do’ list to see how many goals you achieved. Then alter or remake your path as needed.checklist-150938_960_720
  3. Learn Your Lessons: Saturn and Jupiter both represent teachers who help us learn our lessons.While Saturn’s lessons come from practical experiences, Jupiter’s lessons come more from inner enlightenment. Reflect on what you have learnt in the last few months. Let go of all negativity, forgive and release all pain, while remembering the lessons and carrying the wisdom forward.learn-897410_960_720
  4. Clear the Clutter: If there are things around you that are useless or unnecessary just toss them in the bin now. Keep only useful things around and keep them tidy and well organized. This also applies to the information on your computers and mobiles. Get systematic. Finally your mind needs to get all cleared up too periodically. Flush out toxic thoughts and let them go. Feel clean and pure, inside-out.order
  5. End the Negatives: Have you been latching on to something you should have released long ago? Have you been hopelessly draining your energy trying to repair what is not needed? Are you wasting time giving attention to what is of no use to you? Free yourself from your own chains by letting go of the unwanted. Focus energy on your highest good instead of what you are unnecessarily attached to.three wise
  6. Good Rules: Rules and regulations are not always bad. We create the rules of our life based on our values and goals, with an aim to avoid negative and achieve positive things. Self-discipline is the key to phenomenal success. Make your own rules, systems and routines wisely now and be clear about them so that only ‘good’ rules in your life that lead to better health, wealth and happiness.chart
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Strange Unearthly Minerals Discovered in Siberia Could Help Reverse Global Warming

siberianIt has just been reported that minerals so far only thought possible to be grown in labs have in-fact naturally existed in a Siberian mine. Stepanovite and Zhemchuzhnikovite were first discovered deep inside a Siberian coal mine nearly 70 years ago, but their molecular structure had so far not been examined. It is now found that these two belong to a class of porous solids known as ‘metal-organic frameworks’ (MOFs) unlike anything found naturally on earth. They work like molecular sponges soaking up gases such as CO2 making them useful from the ecological perspective.


Seven Ways to Dream Magick

We all see dreams but some of us forget them even before we fully awaken, and some of us remember them to an extent. Very few of us have really used dreams in the right way, for healing and transformation. Here are some of the ways you can get more out of your dreams.

  1. Choose to Remember: Take a dream diary with you as you go to sleep. Keep it under your pillow with a pen and make an intention that you will remember the dreams and understand them. As soon as you wake up write the dreams down as clearly as you can remember them. If you have difficulty remembering your dreams then try having a more relaxed mind, meditate, be more stress-free, or try using aromas, natural stones or crystals, dream-catchers, and various relaxing techniques and sleep well at the right time so that your mind does not erase your dreams out to save your over worked system. Keep doing these rituals daily and one day your mind will start easing up.dream1.jpg
  2. Get the Message: Your subconscious is giving you a message in each dream, about the energy you are carrying within yourself. Paying attention to your dream helps you be aware of what your inner thoughts are which would have been unknown to you otherwise. If you do not listen to your dreams life will manifest in unknown ways through your subconscious thoughts because every thought becomes your life. Everything inside you starts manifesting. Staying aware and receptive of your dream message helps you know how to handle life better.dream2
  3. Symbolic or Literal: Most people have symbolic dreams in which every person, animal or object in the dream has a subconscious meaning to the dreamer. It represents something you carry within. For example seeing your mother may represent a part of you that cares for you, seeing a dog could represent your needs for loyalty, snakes might represent your fears to overcome. Introspect on what the symbol means to you. A few people see literal dreams of the past or future as it is or expected to be if their third-eye is open and they are astral travelling into alternate times or realities.dream3
  4. Transform Your Life through Dreams:  Dreams are opportunities to heal the past and improve the future because they give you information about your subconscious mind and helps you know what is going on inside you. Once you remember the dream and review it, you can heal it by consciously visualizing things the way they should have been or should be. If anything negative is there imagine and visualize it changing into something better. Transform everything mentally in relaxed state once you wake up. The effects in your life will be magical too.dream4.jpg
  5. Know You are Dreaming: Most people are unable to know while dreaming that they are dreaming. With practice you can while dreaming become aware that it is a dream. If you see something written somewhere, look again and see if the letters start jumbling up. Or look at digits in a clock to see if they get mixed up. If there is a switch see if you are able to get the lights or fan to switch off and on. These will indicate that you are in a dream. This awareness that you are dreaming will give you more control on your dreams.dream5.png
  6. Get Lucid: When you get the awareness that you are in your dream, try changing it with your mind. As you think so it will be. For instance you can fly if you want, make things move with your mind, go to any place you choose or meet someone you want to. Choose something that is non-threatening and easy for you first and remember that you are in-charge and it is your dream. You can do whatever you want and change events the way you like. This is extremely helpful in transforming anything negative to positive instantly. Try to achieve the highest good for all as all is you.dream5
  7. Recognize the Dream Manifesting in Life: Dreams are all about our subconscious becoming conscious. Everything in our mind manifests in life, both conscious and sub-conscious content stored in our mind starts playing out in the simulation we call life. Whether your dream is literal or symbolic it will somehow manifest out. If you have done the healing work and transformed your dream into something positive then you can rest assured that life will turn out good too.dream6


Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on


Sunday Spirit: Who is a Friend

Tvameva Matra, Pitra Tvameva, Tvameva Bandhu Sakha Tvameva,

Tvameva Vidya, Dravinam Tvameva, Tvameva Ekam Mama Deva Deva

In this world we have been seeking outer friends, outer family, outer knowledge, outer wealth, outer God. In truth, you are the mother, father, friend. You are the knowledge. you are the wealth. You are the Only One. You are the god of gods. The world is maya or illusion. Truth is within. Meditation is the key to this self-realization. Be with your inner Self who is the Only One.

Know Thyself! For that is all there is to know.



Friday Finds: Light Documentary – Is it possible to live on light!

We all live on light because everything is ultimately light. Light is the awareness or truth, not just visible light but our inner light. Yet, is it possible to live on light alone. Non-consumption of food, or even water is possible for short periods of time or for a limited number of days when fasting. But, could it be possible to live without eating or even drinking for all your life in human form itself? This documentary aims to explore this subject in a balanced way.

Many people have claimed to be ‘breatharians’ or to ‘eat the sun’ or live on ‘prana’ alone, including Jasmuheen and Hira Ratan Manek. Media and skeptics have often exposed them in some or the other ways. Yet there has been some proof that there exists a capacity within us to go on for remarkably long periods of time without food and in rare cases without even water. For instance consider the case of Prahlad Jani who had a sacred vision of the triple goddess telling him that he need not eat or drink anymore when he was a child, and he has been living without consuming food or water ever since because he has not felt hungry or thirsty since. Doctors have tested and confirmed his claim to an extent. The following snippet from the Light documentary below reveals more.

If you think about how the universe has been created entirely out of nothing or the Spirit, is it really hard to believe that when we meditate we are connecting with a spiritual source that can reduce greatly if not entirely eliminate our dependency or hunger for food? Could food, water and everything in this world be a mere illusion that we project around us? What is the universe really all about?

Watch the entire documentary from

Warning: Any practice of such kind is best undertaken only if it naturally comes from within without effort of starvation and is not to be forced upon you in any way through any challenge to prove it to yourself or others.


New Moon: Five Ways to Begin Afresh


Everything around us reflects our inner Self. The moon gives us one such sign of the energy we can focus upon right now. New Moons or Amavasya is traditionally a time to end the unwanted and make positive new beginnings. This new moon is in Pushya/Ashlesha nakshatra, represening kundalini or spiritual awakening in the Cancer zodiac as per actual sidereal positions of the planets. The moon will enter Leo soon, the sign of leadership and courage. These are the things you can practice for aligning yourself with the tide:

  1. Peace and Protection: Meditate and feel total peace. Surround yourself with positive energy by visualizing a calm yet strong sheath of white light around you protecting you like a cocoon. Know that unwanted energy will bounce away from it while only good energy will filter into
  2. Forgive and Release: Let go of all negativity, whether its anger, blame, guilt, fear, worry or sorrow. This might sound difficult but it is possible. Visualize that you are releasing all this negativity into earth who will transform it to positive energy. Strongly send all negative vibrations by feeling it releasing into earth. If you can feel and sense yourself lightening up with the unwanted flowing out of you, relaxing and feeling better – you have done it.leaf-62710_960_720
  3. Bless your Ancestors: No moon and new moon nights are good for sending peace to departed souls. Think of them and wish them well in your mind. You can light a candle of your choice with an intention of sending them blessings and energy. candles-1516274_960_720
  4. Cleanse and Purify: Your sacred and spiritual space can be cleansed with incense, rock-salt water and by visualizing light swiveling and cleansing the area. Take a cleansing bath with sea salts. Cleanse crystals and sacred tools or objects in a rock-salt water solution for an hour or as needed.incense-140992_960_720
  5. Set New Intentions: Make a list of new goals you wish to manifest. Let the universe know what is on your mind more clearly by setting targets for each thing. Let your dreams and wishes be transformed to intentions if you want them to start realizing. Light a candle of a color that feels positive to energize this list and imagine you have attained all your goals. You can place this under your pillow for a few nights and program your unconscious mind too. On full moon light them in a white candle and visualize them transformed into success.motivational-1177435_960_720Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on


Women’s Rights: Integrating Into a Global World

While there are millions of immigrants hoping to flee war and persecution from the middle east to the western world, we are seeing changes happening that will help in integration, globalization and spreading of positive values based on equality and mutual respect.

The Guardian has reported how immigrants are receiving classes aimed at teaching respect for women and gender-equality.

At the same time men in Iran have been trying to raise awareness about women’s rights to choose the way they dress

Let us hope both men and women awaken into a new global reality of gender equality in every country.

Supercomputer Simulates Human Blood Flow

While we contemplate upon whether the world could be a giant computer simulation, with Elon Musk stating that the chances we are not already in a simulation is one in billions, there are 3D simulations attempting to mimic nature including the latest one that has managed to simulate human blood flow extremely well. MORE HERE


Monday Magick: Seed to Fruit, Fruit to Seed

The turning of the wheel of the year is celebrated since ancient times in every culture and generation. On 1 August we celebrate Lammas or Lughnasad, a festival celebrating harvest in the northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere the diagonally opposite celebration of Imbolc of Candlemas with the anticipation of winter’s end and preparing for sowing season. From darkness to light and light to darkness, the annual cycle of earth is symbolic of our inner cycles of life, death and rebirth. As we align ourselves with nature, we know that life is to be celebrated, cherished and lived in gratitude. Its all about Karma – as we sow, so we reap!

Today wish upon a seed and sprout it to grow…taking good care as it becomes a plant. As the seed grows into a plant, flowers and bears fruit in future…you know your intentions have materialized similarly. Our every action is preceded with a thought. Think beautiful and nourish your thoughts with love for each one is a seed with potential to grow big, bear fruit and multiply further in the spiral dance of this fractal universe!

seed reap


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