Positive News – Top 10 Jobs of Tomorrow


Microsoft recently shared an executive summary on 10 futuristic jobs that says what careers our kids can hope to have in another ten years or so.

  1. Virtual Habitat Designer: Creates realistic simulations for architecture, therapy, vehicle training for example.
  2. Ethical Technology Advocate: Discusses AI ethics and moral responsibilities.
  3. Digital Cultural Commentator: Communicates with digitally savvy public.
  4. Freelance Biohacker: Tweaks genes for healthcare and wildlife conservation.
  5. IOT Data Creative: Improves Internet of Things.
  6. Space Tour Guide: Makes space travel fun.
  7. Personal Content Creator: Downloads your thoughts, memories and dreams.
  8. Rewilding Strategist: Transforms abandoned industrial sites to wilderness.
  9. Sustainable Power Innovator: Develops self-sustainable energy sources.
  10. Human Body Designer: Bio-engineers bespoke body parts.


With increasing applications of artificial intelligence around the word today from robotized factories, self-driving cars, delivery drones to smarter systems, automated terminals, labor saving devices, some argue that technology is making jobs obsolete, skills redundant and retaining a big workforce no longer cost effective! Taken to one logical extreme, this is often cited as a ‘threat of machines’ but that is not necessarily true.

If anything, scientific advances have shown that technical and mechanical evolution offers more creative opportunities and when ethically applied improves the quality of life brought about by a spirit of discovery.

Skeptical? This TED talk then on what jobs we will lose to machines and ones we won’t will surely intrigue you.


As one author put it, ‘Adults are always asking kids what they want to be when they grow up, cause they’re looking for ideas!

Got any ideas? Tweet @mediapositivity


Bhaskar Dutta is a writer and IT specialist based in London.


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