Five Good Things About Mercury Retrograde

We all have heard people whining about retrogrades of Mercury, something that happens frequently and is actually much less fearful an event than it is made out to be. In-fact here are five things you can actually be grateful for as Mercury has once again gone into retrograde from 30 August to 21 September 2016 transiting through Virgo and Leo in its apparent backwards motion through this period.

  1. ENJOY SILENCE: Mercury represents communication and in retrograde its this aspect of life that seems to go awry at times for many of us. This is a hidden opportunity to practice being silent and recede into the quiet beauty of life, nature and inner peace. Communicating all the time is unhealthy and these breaks are much needed for your own mental sanity. Switch off all those unnecessary updates, mute your unwanted calls or messages, turn the media off and enjoy your stillness.sunset-1207326_960_720
  2. TAKE THE INNER JOURNEY: Another meaning of Mercury is travel or movement and during retrogrades travelling is not always advisable as plans become unstable and journeys cancelled at times. What better occasion to retreat within and take a journey back to yourself. Outer travel is illusory while inner journey is what awakens and fulfills us in a real way. Go back to your real self where you find peace and be with yourself, especially now.sand-768783_960_720
  3. RELEARN THE TRUTH: Mercury is symbolic of learning and represents that part of us which is always learning as a student of life. Its retrograde often takes us back to old lessons so that we can remember and relearn about the lost parts of our self. Life is indeed a journey from inner truth to outer world and back to the inner self.  A retrograde of Mercury is a good time to remember and relearn what you forgot.narrative-794978_960_720
  4. FIND THE INNER TREASURE: Mercury also stands for money and finances. Needless to say, retrogrades are times most astrologers advise you not to make financial decisions or commitments while urging you to review your plans. Another way to look at this is to return to the inner source within where all things emerge from. There is great wealth and real treasure in your soul and this is a great time to reconnect with this source so that you can emerge richer and wealthier than ever.oyster-1327311_960_720
  5. GO BEYOND THE MIND: Mercury is ‘Buddha’ or ‘Buddhi’ which represents our mind which is full of thoughts. Retrogrades of Mercury might be puzzling for many when thoughts are scattered and the mind is dulled or unsettled. However you can easily silence the mind through meditation and experience your inner thought-free state of nature. Thereby you are no longer a victim of your mind but a master.    buddha-1063270_960_720

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