Village Residents Take Action: Carbon Emission Successfully Reduced by a Quarter Within 10 Years


An English village of just 1000 residents is currently making headlines, being set to become the country’s first carbon neutral community. They have successfully dropped carbon emissions by a quarter, thanks to ideas generated during a pub quiz.

These were the steps:

  1. A  well planned launch and communications strategy to educate and create awareness through logos, website, banners, council meetings, school projects and media coverage
  2. A baseline survey of carbon footprint was taken and regular measurements conducted to note progress over several years
  3. A ‘carbon sink’ comprising an initial 16,000 trees planted on tracts of land donated by local farmers to absorb any excess CO2
  4. Residents began installing solar panels on their homes costing approximately 3000 £ each without waiting for government grants or government actions
  5. Donations and sponsorship were gathered without asking for council money to fund the grassroots initiative
  6. Lifestyle changes were discussed and adopted among residents by dealing with their fears and being non-confrontational, focusing on action instead of blame

Perhaps citizens of the world will wake up soon and be their own change instead of waiting for government initiatives. MORE HERE ON THEIR WEBSITE

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