Permanent World Peace Right NOW in Three Easy Steps!

Who does the buck stop with? Who is responsible for the state of the world? Who is the absolute creator of this universe?  Why do we pray to an external power? Only because we have not realized our Self yet. Within all of us is the same ONE soul through which infinite universes are popping in and out at this very moment. World Peace has already been created right now within! Kindly join us in the event below to celebrate and energize earth and feel free to spread the light.


The intention: ‘We now manifest eternal peace and bliss on earth’.
From the date you read this until 21 Sep 2016 (Day for World Peace) we will send energy waves of peace and bliss to every nation on earth everyday, hereby banishing all conflicts and manifesting a happy and positive world for all in these three simple steps:
1) Light a white candle on any day, or daily if you can with this intention and repeat: ‘The world Is Now at Peace permanently, with harm to none so mote it be’.
2) You can add more energy or focus by placing a world map or a globe, or focus on the event photo for helping you visualize world peace. Mentally and emotionally feel peaceful vibrations or white light filling the world, absorbed deeply in each and every particle of the world.
3) Bring yourself to a state of inner peace by relaxing your mind and entering a meditative state. You may close your eyes gently and be with your natural breath observing yourself coming to a state of inner peace to aid the process. You will be increasingly able to maintain this peaceful state in your daily life.
You will also see amazing signs of world peace soon. Please share your experiences and observations if you can in the comments below!
Thank you for joining us in a peaceful world. Feel free to spread the message and invite others who may be interested.

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