Five Simple Steps: Meditation For Inner Peace

What do we focus on if all the news we see in media today is focused on war or turmoil? In these times it is necessary to go within because when you see nothing outside that inspires you, there will be something within that helps. No matter what is affecting the outer world, it is only the inner world that truly matters. Everything around us depends totally and wholly on what is WITHIN. By meditation we reach a state deep within that makes it impossible for us to manifest any unease outside in our personal physical lives. If we all were in a meditative state, we will have a peaceful universe instantly. Yet you are not supposed to worry about why others are not at peace. Your only responsibility is to be at peace within YOURSELF right now!

For the uninitiated, here are some easy steps:

  1. Wherever you are just sit in a comfortable yet alert posture and relax your mind.
  2. Most beginners find it helpful to close their eyes gently and be with their natural breath for the first few minutes.
  3. With the noise of thoughts reducing, there will be spaces between your thoughts and slowly the space will increase and the mind will come to peace by itself.
  4. This inner peace is your true and natural state of being. Stay with it for as long as you can. Beginners can meditate for 30 to 60 minutes each day for practice. Give it time = give it priority.
  5. With continued practice you will find that you can maintain this inner peace at all times with least effort without any technique. Welcome to the real you!

peace ocean.jpg

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