Six Ways To Success with Saturn Direct and Jupiter in Virgo

As everything is a projection of our energy, celestial events too are reflections of inner change. Jupiter, the planet of wisdom transited into Virgo, the sign of earthly knowledge and practical management on 11 August. And today Saturn, the planet of rules and discipline goes direct after being retrograde from 2 March this year. Here is how to get the best out of this shift:

  1. Get Down to Earth: Time to adopt more humble, realistic and sensible ways of living, thinking and working. Wishes and dreams can be transformed into goals and clear intentions to manifest into your life. Be prepared to take real steps towards progress instead of merely waiting for a change.footprints-1310332_960_720
  2. Take a Reality Check: Your inner thoughts known and unknown to you are constantly manifesting in life. Assess your progress in a practical way and get an idea of what energy you have been receiving and giving. Get your accounts in order. Check your ‘to do’ list to see how many goals you achieved. Then alter or remake your path as needed.checklist-150938_960_720
  3. Learn Your Lessons: Saturn and Jupiter both represent teachers who help us learn our lessons.While Saturn’s lessons come from practical experiences, Jupiter’s lessons come more from inner enlightenment. Reflect on what you have learnt in the last few months. Let go of all negativity, forgive and release all pain, while remembering the lessons and carrying the wisdom forward.learn-897410_960_720
  4. Clear the Clutter: If there are things around you that are useless or unnecessary just toss them in the bin now. Keep only useful things around and keep them tidy and well organized. This also applies to the information on your computers and mobiles. Get systematic. Finally your mind needs to get all cleared up too periodically. Flush out toxic thoughts and let them go. Feel clean and pure, inside-out.order
  5. End the Negatives: Have you been latching on to something you should have released long ago? Have you been hopelessly draining your energy trying to repair what is not needed? Are you wasting time giving attention to what is of no use to you? Free yourself from your own chains by letting go of the unwanted. Focus energy on your highest good instead of what you are unnecessarily attached to.three wise
  6. Good Rules: Rules and regulations are not always bad. We create the rules of our life based on our values and goals, with an aim to avoid negative and achieve positive things. Self-discipline is the key to phenomenal success. Make your own rules, systems and routines wisely now and be clear about them so that only ‘good’ rules in your life that lead to better health, wealth and happiness.chart
    Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on


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