Seven Ways to Dream Magick

We all see dreams but some of us forget them even before we fully awaken, and some of us remember them to an extent. Very few of us have really used dreams in the right way, for healing and transformation. Here are some of the ways you can get more out of your dreams.

  1. Choose to Remember: Take a dream diary with you as you go to sleep. Keep it under your pillow with a pen and make an intention that you will remember the dreams and understand them. As soon as you wake up write the dreams down as clearly as you can remember them. If you have difficulty remembering your dreams then try having a more relaxed mind, meditate, be more stress-free, or try using aromas, natural stones or crystals, dream-catchers, and various relaxing techniques and sleep well at the right time so that your mind does not erase your dreams out to save your over worked system. Keep doing these rituals daily and one day your mind will start easing up.dream1.jpg
  2. Get the Message: Your subconscious is giving you a message in each dream, about the energy you are carrying within yourself. Paying attention to your dream helps you be aware of what your inner thoughts are which would have been unknown to you otherwise. If you do not listen to your dreams life will manifest in unknown ways through your subconscious thoughts because every thought becomes your life. Everything inside you starts manifesting. Staying aware and receptive of your dream message helps you know how to handle life better.dream2
  3. Symbolic or Literal: Most people have symbolic dreams in which every person, animal or object in the dream has a subconscious meaning to the dreamer. It represents something you carry within. For example seeing your mother may represent a part of you that cares for you, seeing a dog could represent your needs for loyalty, snakes might represent your fears to overcome. Introspect on what the symbol means to you. A few people see literal dreams of the past or future as it is or expected to be if their third-eye is open and they are astral travelling into alternate times or realities.dream3
  4. Transform Your Life through Dreams:  Dreams are opportunities to heal the past and improve the future because they give you information about your subconscious mind and helps you know what is going on inside you. Once you remember the dream and review it, you can heal it by consciously visualizing things the way they should have been or should be. If anything negative is there imagine and visualize it changing into something better. Transform everything mentally in relaxed state once you wake up. The effects in your life will be magical too.dream4.jpg
  5. Know You are Dreaming: Most people are unable to know while dreaming that they are dreaming. With practice you can while dreaming become aware that it is a dream. If you see something written somewhere, look again and see if the letters start jumbling up. Or look at digits in a clock to see if they get mixed up. If there is a switch see if you are able to get the lights or fan to switch off and on. These will indicate that you are in a dream. This awareness that you are dreaming will give you more control on your dreams.dream5.png
  6. Get Lucid: When you get the awareness that you are in your dream, try changing it with your mind. As you think so it will be. For instance you can fly if you want, make things move with your mind, go to any place you choose or meet someone you want to. Choose something that is non-threatening and easy for you first and remember that you are in-charge and it is your dream. You can do whatever you want and change events the way you like. This is extremely helpful in transforming anything negative to positive instantly. Try to achieve the highest good for all as all is you.dream5
  7. Recognize the Dream Manifesting in Life: Dreams are all about our subconscious becoming conscious. Everything in our mind manifests in life, both conscious and sub-conscious content stored in our mind starts playing out in the simulation we call life. Whether your dream is literal or symbolic it will somehow manifest out. If you have done the healing work and transformed your dream into something positive then you can rest assured that life will turn out good too.dream6


Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on


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