Friday Finds: Light Documentary – Is it possible to live on light!

We all live on light because everything is ultimately light. Light is the awareness or truth, not just visible light but our inner light. Yet, is it possible to live on light alone. Non-consumption of food, or even water is possible for short periods of time or for a limited number of days when fasting. But, could it be possible to live without eating or even drinking for all your life in human form itself? This documentary aims to explore this subject in a balanced way.

Many people have claimed to be ‘breatharians’ or to ‘eat the sun’ or live on ‘prana’ alone, including Jasmuheen and Hira Ratan Manek. Media and skeptics have often exposed them in some or the other ways. Yet there has been some proof that there exists a capacity within us to go on for remarkably long periods of time without food and in rare cases without even water. For instance consider the case of Prahlad Jani who had a sacred vision of the triple goddess telling him that he need not eat or drink anymore when he was a child, and he has been living without consuming food or water ever since because he has not felt hungry or thirsty since. Doctors have tested and confirmed his claim to an extent. The following snippet from the Light documentary below reveals more.

If you think about how the universe has been created entirely out of nothing or the Spirit, is it really hard to believe that when we meditate we are connecting with a spiritual source that can reduce greatly if not entirely eliminate our dependency or hunger for food? Could food, water and everything in this world be a mere illusion that we project around us? What is the universe really all about?

Watch the entire documentary from

Warning: Any practice of such kind is best undertaken only if it naturally comes from within without effort of starvation and is not to be forced upon you in any way through any challenge to prove it to yourself or others.


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