New Moon: Five Ways to Begin Afresh


Everything around us reflects our inner Self. The moon gives us one such sign of the energy we can focus upon right now. New Moons or Amavasya is traditionally a time to end the unwanted and make positive new beginnings. This new moon is in Pushya/Ashlesha nakshatra, represening kundalini or spiritual awakening in the Cancer zodiac as per actual sidereal positions of the planets. The moon will enter Leo soon, the sign of leadership and courage. These are the things you can practice for aligning yourself with the tide:

  1. Peace and Protection: Meditate and feel total peace. Surround yourself with positive energy by visualizing a calm yet strong sheath of white light around you protecting you like a cocoon. Know that unwanted energy will bounce away from it while only good energy will filter into
  2. Forgive and Release: Let go of all negativity, whether its anger, blame, guilt, fear, worry or sorrow. This might sound difficult but it is possible. Visualize that you are releasing all this negativity into earth who will transform it to positive energy. Strongly send all negative vibrations by feeling it releasing into earth. If you can feel and sense yourself lightening up with the unwanted flowing out of you, relaxing and feeling better – you have done it.leaf-62710_960_720
  3. Bless your Ancestors: No moon and new moon nights are good for sending peace to departed souls. Think of them and wish them well in your mind. You can light a candle of your choice with an intention of sending them blessings and energy. candles-1516274_960_720
  4. Cleanse and Purify: Your sacred and spiritual space can be cleansed with incense, rock-salt water and by visualizing light swiveling and cleansing the area. Take a cleansing bath with sea salts. Cleanse crystals and sacred tools or objects in a rock-salt water solution for an hour or as needed.incense-140992_960_720
  5. Set New Intentions: Make a list of new goals you wish to manifest. Let the universe know what is on your mind more clearly by setting targets for each thing. Let your dreams and wishes be transformed to intentions if you want them to start realizing. Light a candle of a color that feels positive to energize this list and imagine you have attained all your goals. You can place this under your pillow for a few nights and program your unconscious mind too. On full moon light them in a white candle and visualize them transformed into success.motivational-1177435_960_720Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on


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  1. Thank you for the instructions! I was looking for the salt water bath since I lost the knowledge about it .


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