Monday Magick: Seed to Fruit, Fruit to Seed

The turning of the wheel of the year is celebrated since ancient times in every culture and generation. On 1 August we celebrate Lammas or Lughnasad, a festival celebrating harvest in the northern hemisphere. In the southern hemisphere the diagonally opposite celebration of Imbolc of Candlemas with the anticipation of winter’s end and preparing for sowing season. From darkness to light and light to darkness, the annual cycle of earth is symbolic of our inner cycles of life, death and rebirth. As we align ourselves with nature, we know that life is to be celebrated, cherished and lived in gratitude. Its all about Karma – as we sow, so we reap!

Today wish upon a seed and sprout it to grow…taking good care as it becomes a plant. As the seed grows into a plant, flowers and bears fruit in future…you know your intentions have materialized similarly. Our every action is preceded with a thought. Think beautiful and nourish your thoughts with love for each one is a seed with potential to grow big, bear fruit and multiply further in the spiral dance of this fractal universe!

seed reap


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