Monday Magick: Mirror Mirror!

In this world we sometimes worry, feel angry, frustrated, sad, disgusted…or moved by things around us. News, events, situations, people, attitudes, changes, turmoil, fear, terror, angst ….in all this is there anyone who stops and thinks – what is the root cause of all this? In struggling and fighting for change all around us…are we missing an important factor – the inner spiritual reason for everything…within us!

We live in a fractal universe where everything small or big merely represents or simulates a certain mental vibration. It is as if a program exists that picks up your thoughts and feelings telepathically, (especially your unconscious vibrations that are suppressed deep within)… and generates an entire world based on them. Imagine the world as a hall of mirrors where your image is reflected again and again and again…infinitely. Negative thoughts and feelings generate negative worlds, positive thoughts and feelings generate positive worlds. If something changes in us then everything around changes too in that very moment. Today let is work this magick by not being angry or breaking the mirror but by realizing that everything is a reflection and making that inner change which will change everything infinitely.


Think of a positive change you would really, really like in your world right now. Close your eyes,  breathe naturally and relax yourself for a few breaths until you feel peaceful and calm. Deepen this relaxation more and more….and more….feel yourself connecting with a deep part of you which is at the center of everything. This is the part of you which is universal and all-powerful. Now visualize that the change you seek is already made…your wish is already fulfilled…as clearly as you possibly can….see it as so, feel it as so….know it is so and believe it deeply, because it is so. Truly and deeply feel and sense pure joy and peace. Feel a great gratitude and contentment that comes with this change. Stay with this positive feeling…let nothing pull you down. Everything and everyone around you will now start reflecting or mirroring this inner change in every possible way. Keep reminding yourself that the world is a mirror and stay self-aware and self-loving.

mirror fractals


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