Monday Magick: Guru Purnima Blessing

July 19th-20th is the full moon, dedicated specially to remembering the Guru within us all. This full moon in Capricorn as per sidereal astrology will be a symbol of practical wisdom and determination. Our Guru is our inner consciousness that is always awake at some or the other level. It presents itself in many forms to remind us of who we are. Those whom we consider our spiritual gurus or teachers are not the only gurus that enlighten us. Almost anyone and anything can help us remember our true self in our day to day life. Divination is about reading the signs through various symbols found around us, whether shapes of clouds, or through the positions of celestial bodies, or the appearance and behavior of animals, or through Tarot cards and similar techniques.  Our intuition is the voice of our inner guru or wisdom.

The Hierophant card of Tarot denotes the Guru principle. The word Hiero-phant means the divine representation. To work with this card observe the images and allow them to trigger in you memories of various gurus or teachers who have awakened and inspired you. Close your eyes and enter a meditative state. Thank all divine masters deeply and allow them all to merge into one in the form of a light – choose a color, and visualize this light bathing you from head to toe. Affirm, ‘I fully awaken my inner guru to help me attain the highest possible self-realization right now. So be it!’

star tarot

Image courtesy: Hierophant from Star Tarot deck by Cathy McClelland

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