Sunday Spirit: Many and One

In the course of a single lifetime we normally get attached and established in the illusion of duality. We believe ourselves to be many distinct personalities or separate entities over several such lifetimes. We believe we are either male, or female. We believe in our race, our ancestry, our religious community, our country, our home, our family, our profession, our degrees, our language…creating a certain ‘story’ of our life. Yet we are now awakening into an awareness of how all of us and everything is interconnected in magickal ways. We now know that our lifetime is not the only one, for we have been male and female, living in various places, at different times in infinite past or parallel existences. Deep inside we are all skin colors, all religions, all cultures…. one great being split into so many existences in the grand illusion of time. What if all of us – all people, things, creatures, planets, universes, dimensions, realities – were all inherently One? What if the MANY were projections of a ONE single consciousness who is healing itself through our growing awareness of who we really are? If we see the truth underlying all of existence, we would no longer have discord and war,anger, hurt or strife anymore.


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