The World on Wednesday: Peace and Protection

Several innocent lives were lost due to extremists who believe in controlling the world using violence and terror. We all know that the best way to purify the world of such negativity is through the power of positive energy. Terrorism thrives on terror and fear and its best defeated by being fearless and positive. The more we spread positive thoughts, peaceful ideas, love and compassion, the faster we can heal the world.

Defeating terrorism using war or attacks is a temporary solution as negative energy can once again manifest in some or the other form. However when we realize the need to be more positive and to build a peaceful world, using meditation, positive thoughts, healing and kindness, we are sure to prevent such incidents in the long run by ensuring that people do not go on the wrong path due to close mindedness and lack of positive education.

Hating religions is not a solution either, because it is not the concept of religion or spirituality itself that is the culprit, in-fact it is the inability to accept the diverse and colorful array of traditions and beliefs all around us which is a problem. The agenda of extremism is to paint the entire world in a monotone by forcing one limited belief on everyone. The main lesson we learn from the enemy of extremism is to not impose our own narrow beliefs on others and to not harm anyone by realizing that spirituality is something within and not found in any one book or narrow teachings. In-fact, spirituality is another name for being peaceful and self-content without the need to control anybody.

Take a few moments to close your eyes, meditate and then imagine that it is possible to have a loving and compassionate world where nobody harms anyone and allows each person’s unique spiritual truth to flower and grow without any rigid control. Refuse to be dismayed or controlled by terror and be fearless knowing that we all have One soul that is eternal and invincible.

Instead of focusing on negative images and fearful thoughts, think, share and spread ONLY positive. Our mind is powerful and will create what we focus upon. Thank you for making the world a better place!



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