Monday Magick: New Moon in Gemini

The New Moon or Amavasya is a time when darkness is preparing to transform into light. As per true or sidereal calculations Moon in Gemini brings new messages, interesting thoughts, people and ideas to the fore. Tonight prepare to let go of all negativity, protect and shield yourself and your loved ones, and make space for new beginnings that are positive in every sense.

A Spell for Being Free of Negativity: Real liberty and freedom lies in letting go of those limited beliefs that blocked our mind and therefore our lives. To initiate this transformation visualize that you are being bathed in a strong vibration or light (choose a color that feels good) and let it flow from head to toe taking away all negative energy and grounding it so that it transforms to something positive. Feel it for a few minutes until you are relaxed. Thereafter make new plans and allow new ideas and positive thoughts to flow freely through you knowing that your path is clear of all obstacles. Now visualize a strong and positive divine being, whether an angel, a god or goddess, or any guide, appearing near you to protect you and your loved ones and to help you in your way ahead at all times.


(*) Blessed New Moon and Happy 4th July


Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on


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