Positive Movie Review: The Abundance Factor

Would you like to attract more abundance and success right now? Here is one movie that helps you get new perspectives and opens your mind to the amazing energy of abundance.

riley-close-upRiley Dayne had a miraculous recovery from a near-death experience and awakened to find himself searching for the answers of life and how to really live purposefully. He decided that he wanted to travel the world and make a movie and this movie is one way he manifests his purpose. Many bestselling authors such as T. Harv Eker, Margaret Lynch, Dr. Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, Jairek Robbins, Bruce Lipton, Lewis Howes, John Assaraf, Mindie Kniss and more have been featured in this documentary giving you insights about the true meaning of abundance and tips on how to attract more of it into your current moment.


Did you know that sending love to three people who have been bothering your mind can actually help you attract more abundance? Could there be some rituals you can do each day to make abundance a habit? How can you program your subconscious mind to attract your intention? How to be in a state of abundance right now regardless of whether or not you have whatever you desire yet? Could you attract tons of success through the simple act of gratitude? Can ‘giving more’ be a practical idea if you think you do not have enough to give?  You will discover the answers that may surprise some of you but when you practice the techniques within a few days you will start seeing amazing changes take place smoothening your course of life.




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