Triple Your Success with Blue Moon, Red Mars and Mercury Direct!

This is an exciting weekend for three heavenly reasons:

  1. We have an extra full moon for this astronomical season called the Seasonal Blue moon on 21st May (different from the other more popular kind of blue moons when two full moons are observed in the same calendrical month). The blue moons are not usually blue in colour, they only represent rarity connected to the phrase ‘once in a blue moon’.
  2. The moon is near an unusually red Mars (as it is in full opposition to Sun) as well as near to Saturn both being retrograde in the same sign of Scorpio along with the full moon on 21 May.
  3. Finally on 22nd May we have Mercury going direct after its notorious retrograde phase. This is sure to beat away all those ‘Blues’. blue moon

So what does this mean to most of us:

  • Stay Calm and Meditate: The seasonal Blue moon being a rare occurrence (once in approximately three years) indicates a rare opportunity to meditate and create more peace within. As we know full moons or Purnimas are always believed to be auspicious and this one is Buddha Purnima connected with Gautam Buddha’s enlightenment. Full moons represent the fullness of our emotions and intuition. This full seasonal blue moon occurs in the sign of Scorpio (we follow sidereal or Vedic astrology which gives a much more accurate picture in line with astronomical positions). Moon in stinging Scorpio is debilitated and it brings a range of emotions that can hurt sometimes especially in relationships. However you are always in-charge of your inner state. The more you meditate the better you will be able to cope with the high energy of this rare seasonal Blue moon. Try to expect less from others and be more self content by spending time with yourself and nourishing your own needs. Make strong intentions for your well being and betterment.amazing-736884_960_720.jpg
  • Take the Right Action: A retrograde Mars in Scorpio receives full energy from its great friend the Sun to be really bright red and this heralds strong initiatives, being more assertive, more confident, independent and determined even when past energies seem blocking. Mars is also with its friend Saturn and Moon in the same house indicating that decisions will be based on what is right and fair, especially based on past experience.  Try not to display anger especially with the way things have been in the past. Being grounded in the present moment and taking the right action are the key to your success.growth-453479_960_720
  • Focus Better: Mercury coming out of its retrograde phase and going on a straight course brings you more opportunities to plan for journeys. You can also take this opportunity to reach out to more friends around and communicate. Mercury direct also helps you focus better on your finances and making clear choices. Misunderstanding will be cleared up. Your own mental state will be much sharper.crosshair-252871_960_720.jpg

Stay Positive!


Swati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on


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