Latest UFO Video Has the World Wondering

A video captured in Alaska showing a strange blinking light in the sky splitting into other lights has been attracting a lot of attention lately. Whether it is a drone like object or an alien craft or military tech or something else…is unclear. The orb first ejected another orb which disappeared. Then it ejected two more orbs of lights in a triangular formation before blinking away and vanishing from sight.


Several triangular UFOs have been spotted off late in many parts of the world and readers claim to have spotted similar UFOs in consecutive sightings in this article on the TRIANGLE UFO

Mexico too has had this triangular shaped formation seen this year as well as mysterious objects in the sky in previous years.

Daylight sightings of these triangular shaped formations of these lights, noted as UFOs have been spotted too in previous years:

UFO’s being unidentified flying objects could be anything and not necessarily alien spaceships. Whatever be the truth, it would be interesting to know what is really going on and we hope the mystery is solved soon in the near future!

What do you feel is the truth behind these triangular UFO sightings. If you have anything to share send to

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