Seven Relationship Wrongs That Are Actually Right!

They say there is a silver lining in every dark cloud and a positive side to everything that seems negative. Relationships are one of the areas of our life where we face the maximum challenges. Yet could these be opportunities in disguise? Here are seven things that could be good even if they seem bad at first.

  1. Not Finding a Mate: This can sometimes be a blessing indirectly because you have time to look after your own individual needs such as your dreams, ambitions, hobbies and your spiritual learning. Perhaps getting hitched early in life was not as good for you as society, family or friends had you believe. What do they know? Take your time, no matter how many more is worth it! love-1333508_960_720
  2. Breaking Up: Think you lost the man or woman of your dreams forever? No, you actually made space for the right person to finally come into your life by letting go of someone who was not meant to stay. Your life is much better without someone who does not really value you as much as they should. Perhaps you will find love within yourself or with someone much better than you ever thought before. Now, smile!hearbreak.jpg
  3. Not Having a Baby: We know how much pressure couples face from their parents and society to reproduce within a couple of years into their marriage. You may dodge the issue initially….but what if the biological clock is ticking by and you have no luck with having a baby yet? Should you be heading to a fertility clinic? Have you ever thought of how much you really love each other and how a kid is not an absolute necessity for you in your relationship? Satisfy your parental cravings by looking after pets, family members, yourself, a good cause or adopt a child if you still want a baby. It can be just as rewarding.coupple babyshoes
  4. Unexpected Baby: Not planning a baby but well, the tests show you are about to be a parent. Should you worry? Aborting the foetus would be no less than murder for many of us. Still going ahead and having the baby can actually help you realize the side of you that you never explored before. You might find that you needed this experience for your own self development and you might enjoy parenthood a lot more than you ever expected. Go and get that nursery up!pregnant.jpg
  5. Arguments, Fights, Anger: Relationships are not always a bed of roses, there are thorns as well. What if all those fights you have with your partner are actually a way you are processing several lifetimes of wrong beliefs and transforming them slowly but surely. Each time you argue but choose to keep loving each other instead of falling apart, you are strengthening the faith you have in each other and your relationship is getting stronger and more purified. As long as you are not hurting each other, it may get better and better day by day until one day you might even stop fighting for good. Ok, maybe just a bit of an argument every now and then…could be fun!argument-238529_960_720.jpg
  6. Long Distance: Moving apart for some reason for a period of time…unable to meet each other often? Absence can make the heart grow fonder. Or it could be a deathknell to your relationship. In either case it will be a test of your love. Your faith, honesty, trust and patience are all revealed in these times. Give it a go and see if it still works out eventually. If it doesn’t, it wasn’t quite the right one.old-letters-436502_960_720
  7. No relationship: Maybe you are not the kind who even needs a relationship. Who says everyone must have a partner in life? The only rules are the ones we believe in. Many of us are not karmically attracted to another person because we are through with much of relationship karma. Being content and happy with yourself can be spiritually liberating so let people know you are single and happy for good if they bother you with their questions without feeling that there is something wrong with you. Love yourself! You are enough.reflecting-958602_960_720

Do you feel the same way or have a different perspective? In any case, please feel free to share your views on and you could be featured next!

Swati & Bhaskar

swatiprakash tinybd

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