Blessed Blossoms ~ Joyful Jasmines


A tropical plant, the sweet smelling Jasmine flowers are pristine blossoms associated with sensual pleasures and romance. A popular offering to the planet Rahu or the north lunar node in Vedic Astrology, this blossom has multiple uses in wellness, medicine, magick, decor, and is an integral part of women’s dressing in India.



The jasmine shrub grows in any soil, although its best found in places with a temperate climate. It comes alive especially in Spring and Summer and emits its inherent heady fragrance after sunset, when the moon and stars rise at night. It is for this reason that the Jasmine is nicknamed ‘Raat Rani’ or the Night Blossoming Queen of Flowers in India, as it literally comes alive in the darkness and draws people towards it with its magnetic smell. Its a fragrance that makes one think of romance and sensual pleasures amidst nature, its a flower for lovers secretly meeting in twilight  amidst forests and quaint coves. Snakes are also said to found near its shrubs and it is a flower used in many night worship rituals.


Associated with Rahu or the north lunar node, its a popular offering for those seeking to please this Planet of Shadows  who grants boons of foreign travel, mysticism and supernatural. It is believed that Rahu can either plunge the devotee into an abyss of darkness or magnify him to princely glory depending on his/her karmas. Its also associated with the hidden trades – smuggling, drugs, cheaters and illegal matters. If well-placed it can benefit & protect the lower/backward classes or underdogs in society. Place a handful of jasmines near a Rahu yantra and pray in a foreign language (anything different from your mother/native tongue) to seek the grace of this planet and to remove unseen/dark hurdles from your life. Its also used in strings and garlands in many temples in Southeast Asia, especially  in Thailand its offered in shrines along with betelnut & tobacco for letting go of bad habits and addictions along with releasing toxic energies from the self.


It has multiple magickal properties and is used extensively in many Wiccan spells , tantric practices and pagan rituals. It grows in abundance as the moon waxes and its associated with all things romance and is dear to Goddesses Luna, Selene and Aphrodite. It has an enticing smell and is use in many Intention Setting & Attraction rituals for soul mate, spiritual love, good health, wealth charms and more – anything the heart desires.  It connects  one to the higher dimensions of spirit and enhances a person’s pure intent, compassion and finer qualities of Life. Dreaming of jasmines is said to indicate quick marriage and it also magnifies ones personal clairvoyance, guiding through prophetic dreams. It supports astral travel and boosts the rise of the kundalini energy in Tantra.



Its extensively used in beauty & wellness products in the form of sachets, parfums, essential oils, skincare creams, shower gels and more. It boosts immunity, cures illnesses, boosts mental capacity, relieves depression, stress, insomnia and is also a potent aphrodisiac. It also gives respite to women from post-partum depression, aches, pains and is useful for curing sunstroke and sunburn to skin. Its extracts are also used in Chinese Medicine to cure a host of illnesses and infections in the eye and urinary tract.


Jasmines are popular gardening plants, are found hanging in intertwined vines on archways of gardens, parks and wooden trellises of personal spaces. These are low-maintenance plants and can be grown in small earthen pots, as vines, as shrubs,  and decorative motifs. These magnify the sensuousness of the place, are highly ambient in feel and visually striking in nature. They are also kept as houseplants or office plants as they uplift the mood & senses in just few minutes with their soft creamy petals and energizing smell.


Jasmines are also used in wedding decor and brides wear them in their hair for a successful union with their mate and to magnify their inter-personal chemistry. Indian women wear jasmines woven in delicate strands in their hairdos on special occasions and festivals to gain blessings of the Goddesses for themselves and their husbands and to remove off any evil eye and to enhance their vibes and induce calm into the relationship. Jasmines are innocent looking flowers, associated with the mysterious, unknown, unseen sides of nature. Gift them to a beloved to make a promise of love, sensual affections, divine connections and to guard your union from all kinds of harm.

Deesha Kriplani is a Freelance Writer & Editor with creative interests in spirituality, food & fashion. Connect with her on 

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