Jupiter Rising: Effects on Your Life as Jupiter Straightens Course

One of the most important planets from the astrological point of view is Jupiter. This large planet is symbolic of expansion. If its course in the skies is favorable it can be an indicator of both worldly and spiritual growth. Jupiter now goes direct in the celestial sky after a period of retrograde motion.


From 7th January this year Jupiter had been going retrograde in the sign of Leo (Vedic or sidereal astrology). Retrograde motion is when a planet appears to be moving backwards as opposed to its regular straight course as observed from earth. Remember that these retrograde planets don’t really move backwards, its just that our planet earth moves faster between them and the sun as we see that planet from a distance. When planets go retrograde the attributes that they represent seem to be slowing down or backtracking in several areas of life. In the case of Jupiter being retrograde from 7 Jan 2016 most of us might have experienced a general slowing in our spiritual activities as well as our business and career plans. Well the good news is the 9 of May 2016, Jupiter is coming back on its regular celestial course in all our astrological charts. This is what it can mean for all of us in general:

  • Better business growth
  • Financial luck improves
  • Career progress is back on track
  • Spiritual work enhances
  • Overall healing and inner peace amplifies

Specifically this is what you could observe as per your zodiac sign (based on your Vedic ascendant – not your western or tropical sunsign related). You can find your true Vedic rising easily by keying in your date, time and place of birth/ timezone in any appropriate Vedic astrology software,or use this link to find your Vedic rising sign:

Aries rising: Your romantic life will be getting sorted. Those who wanted to expand the family might have some good news soon. Foreign travel or relocation plans will be on especially from next month on as Mercury too straightens course by end of month. Your personal ideas, initiatives and goals will get a fillip.

Taurus rising: A better time for property dealings is now arriving. Many issues at home might be getting sorted as well. You will have protection against unseen enemies or occult forces. You will be drawn to spiritually inspiring and uplifting teachers and might learn many things to improve your overall life.

Gemini rising: You will be able to reach out and expand your social networks. Those in spiritual writing or media will benefit. Marriage plans might now be working out at a last for many of you. You might see a new growth in your personal income or business turnover.

Cancer rising: A significant boost in your wealth status is indicated. There may even be inheritance for some of you. Higher education prospects look greater than before. Those struggling with health issues will begin to heal. Those looking for a career change will have more luck.

Leo rising: Your own dreams and goals come first and you will pay more attention to them now. Stuck up projects get a new start. This could be a more fertile period for those wanting a child. Overall luck will certainly improve starting now.

Virgo rising: Many of you will have spiritual insights and help from various guides including your own past life awareness that will help you deal with the present in a better way. Your family will be more understanding and cooperative than before.

Libra rising: You will develop better ways of connecting with others and of letting your views be known to the world. Those looking forward to relationships and marriage will attract better prospects. Inflow of money could improve for most of you.

Scorpio rising: Enjoy better career prospects in the coming period of time. Your wealth situation could also improve drastically soon. You will be able to fight against most diseases and attract the right healthcare and wellness experts your way.

Sagittarius rising: You will be able to travel and expand your awareness of the world. Your luck in shares and stock market will improve soon. A more fun period for most of you, this could also be a good time for those with kids or those planning kids.

Capricorn rising: A spiritually energizing time is on the way bringing more hope and inspiration. This could be a great period to sort our disagreements with loved ones of you for some. Also a particularly good time to delve into the unknown and learn things you did not know before.

Aquarius rising: This could be one of the best times to get hitched for those of you seeking committed relationships. Friends and siblings will be more amicable than ever and you will be able to get your money graph going higher too very soon.

Pisces rising: Your health situation is improving remarkably starting now. You also get many blessings of wealth and prosperity soon. Higher education will be a possibility for many of you and your career will also benefit as a result.

Hope you all make the best of this spiritually uplifting period that has been initiated now.


swatiprakashSwati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be followed on www.amazon.com/author/swatiprakash




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