Positive Book Review: Black Books, Gold Book and The Star by Ankush Modawal

Black Book – it is no longer a word for a little secret book for noting the names of people on your hit-list! Thanks to Ankush Modawal, a Delhi based Law of Attraction and Feng Shui practitioner who at the age of 24 wrote Black Book 1 in the year 2008 and Black Book 2 soon after, hidden secrets of how to attract positive situations to yourself using your inner power are now within easy reach.

In Ankush’s words, “This book is a reminder to those who have forgotten their true self and who they really are or were. This book was once a dream which has now manifested itself. It was once like your dream that you hold so near and dear to your heart right now. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dream of a relationship, health or money. Every dream of yours deserves to become a reality and it will. Like my dream of writing a book to help countless others has. That is the intention with which I’ve written this book. That is the intention that wrote this book.”

bb1gold bookstar

He followed it up with The Gold Book containing all the rules of wealth attraction and success. He also wrote The Star with 501 quotes of invincibility and power. His suggestion for getting the most of these books is quite unique. He suggests you use an ancient technique called Bibliomancy. Just ask for guidance and open a random page from the Black Book 1 or 2 or the Gold Book and read that chapter. Or think of a number between 1 and 501 and read that quote from The Star. What a beautiful and effective way of receiving your daily guidance in so much depth and detail that you can do it all your life and get something new each time!

Here is one message for you right now from the Black Book 1: “To give thought to IT, is inviting IT in your life experience. The Universe is obedient. It doesn’t judge your thoughts or try to filter them according to your beliefs. The Universe practices the Law of Absolute Free Will and the Law of Non Judgment. This law exists because what might feel good to one person might feel bad to another. We are given a choice at every point of time in our life. We are our own creators, this is the infallible Law of Attraction.”
Makes sense doesn’t it? This is why those who think of sorrow, pain, misfortune and hurt end up with more if it, while those who fill their minds and hearts with joy, love, healing and abundance create more and more happiness in their lives.

Today Ankush is busy creating and enhancing a new collection of essential oils called God’s Oils which are ‘Good as Gold’ energized at high spiritual frequency for healing the mind, body and soul along with writing more wonderful books that are soon to be released.

You can purchase all these amazing books by simply searching for Ankush Modawal on amazon.in . Bulk purchases are possible via the author’s website.
“All you ever needed for your dreams to come true is YOU” – Ankush Modawal

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