Image Magic: Seven Great Ways to Manifest Wordlessly

It is in our mind that we speak words one at a time. Pictures however speak thousands all at once. Our conscious mind thinks in wordy language but our unconscious as well as our higher self understand and communicate through ideas and concepts which surpass all barriers of language or definition. Pictures and images are one way of directly communicating with our inner self without the duality or ambiguity of words. Symbolic language of animals, colors, shapes, flowers, almost everything in the world can be used to convey something to our inner mind. Image magic is one of the oldest magical techniques practiced for attracting positive situations in our life. Just take care that the pictures and images you choose should make you feel supremely happy without any fear. Here are five super-simple ways you can manifest your very best using Image Magic:

  1. Make a Collage: Get your crafty self up and collect images that correspond closely to your goal. For example if you are planning to buy a house, collect pictures from various magazines to indicate the exterior and interiors of your new house. Be as clear as you can be so that your ideas come to life without much doubt, as you cut and paste your dreams together. You can even draw in between or paint adding your own special touch to the collage, including the street, garden and conveniences around your home without being too worried about how and where exactly you will find it. You can try this for places your wish to visit, things you wish to own, health, love and more. The universe will bring your vision to you somehow. collage
  2. Heal With a Doll: Why not try some positive Voodoo. A nice doll or a soft toy can be used to transfer healing to someone who is not near you. You can visualize positive energy of the universe flowing into the doll and imagine yourself giving this doll  as a present to the person who requires healing or blessing, allowing their higher self to accept the healing only if they wish to. Leave it to them and do not try to impose any specific wish to intention upon them for the sake of your karmic purity. Only send the most positive higher universal energy to them in a general way instead of trying to send your own limited vibrations or thoughts. doll
  3. Light a Figure Candle: A wax figure to represent what you seek, whether it be a wedding or a pot of gold, a tree of prosperity or a pentacle of protection, you have unlimited choices of what to manifest and you can choose the right color and shape wisely to match with your intention. Once again the intention should be based on how positive and complete you can feel and not on what you want someone else to do. This way you will ensure only good comes to you. moneycandle
  4. Divine Idols and Statutes: Open your mind to the amazing plethora of divine deities throughout the world. Whether you need prosperity or health, love or peace, you can find numerous angels, fairies, gods and goddesses. You can also place images of positive people who inspire you, especially your gurus or guides. Placing divine images strategically around your home or work-space immediately improves the energy flowing in your spaces. For instance a Laughing Buddha facing the main door for success, goddess Annapurna in the kitchen for abundance, Archangel Michael in the living room for protection, or playful fairies in the kids rooms and garden. triplegoddess
  5. Yantras and Talismans: In both the east and the west, plenty of sacred geometrical symbols are used to attract all manners of positive energy. The Kubera yantra has helped thousands of businesspersons, the Shree Yantra brings abundance in just one glimpse, stones with chakra yantras can be placed along your body for health, sacred seals, pentacles and talismans for protection, prosperity, health and victory are popular from ancient times as pendants and charms. chakrapendants
  6. Paint my Love: The simplest way to manifest your dream could be a painting made all by yourself. It need not be a Picasso but it will still work because of your own creative connection that feels special and positive to you whenever you look at your art. If you are particularly gifted making a sculpture could also work. Place your creations wherever you feel they are required for bringing in their vibrations to your home. Let your intuition guide you and enjoy the
  7. Tattoo It: Your body is your temple and many people like to decorate it with temporary or permanent art for fashion. But did you know that you can choose positive symbols to connect your spiritual and physical side together. If you are feeling upto it design your own tattoo or sit with your artist and come up with something that feels right.tatoo swatiprakashSwati Prakash is a spiritual author and can be reached on

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