Your Positive Tarot Message This Week

Wildwood Tarot The Forest LoversThe Lovers Card from the Wildwood Tarot

Today the northern hemisphere of earth celebrates Beltane, a nature festival of the start of summer. The fires of love are now burning and increasing the passion and desire in us. The Lovers card from The Wildwood Tarot above helps us integrate the Yin and Yang within us. We all contain a masculine side, and we all contain a feminine side as well. Sometimes we reject one of these and then face a blockage either in our worldly success or spiritual growth. Both are important. While the feminine or lunar side of us helps us in quiet introspection and inner awakening, the masculine or solar side helps us achieve and attain our goals in the physical world. The Lovers card is all about overcoming the tension or blockages that we face while trying to keep these two energies separate. Let them merge and unite. The God and Goddess within us long to melt and merge in their divine embrace. Let our physical and spiritual life both be enriched beautifully as a result of this sacred union.



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