Today’s Top Ten Positive Fashion Trends!

  1. Size Zero to Size Natural: We all have a natural body type. It would indeed be a boring world if we all equally sized and shaped. Skinny is no longer something we need to conform to. As long as you are physically fit and feeling healthy, you can flaunt your figure without shame. plus size
  2. Ditch Those Heels: Women have long been expected to play sexy at the cost of their comfort and health. The sensible woman of today knows that the only one she needs to please is herself. Shoes you can walk a mile in without feeling tired are now welcome to replace those awful ‘killer’ heels that have been wreaking havoc on your spine and ankles. no heels
  3. Bin that Bra: Directly associated with breast cancer, bras are no longer seen as a woman’s breast friend. All that elastic and under-wiring was no good for your health. You can literally heave a sigh of relief by going out of that cage around your rib-cage. It does not matter losing your ‘shape’ because looking a certain shape is no longer required. A comfortable bikini top or a short top that fits snugly around your bust can be a good substitute to wear underneath if you still need bra
  4. Pink is For Boys and Girls: Fashion is increasingly becoming androgynous. Women and men and no longer meant to conform to social standards regarding what to wear and color is the least of those concerns today. Women in trousers took the world by storm a few decades ago. Its time for men to return to those ancient times when men and women dressed more alike. pink kurta
  5. From Beef Body to Naturally Fit: No longer do you need to work out for hours and flash those six pack abs to be regarded as fit and healthy. Focus shifts to inner and not just outer health and people are preferring to work out outdoors using natural ways instead of artificial training. So whether or not you have plenty of muscles you can still join the body beautiful brigade, even if you are a man. man health 
  6. Youth is No More Overrated: Fashion and glamour are no longer confined to teens and young adults. No matter what your age you can still have your own individual appeal. Be confident to flaunt those beautiful silver gray strands and let those lovely lines on your face add to your eternal beauty. Hairstyles-For-Older-Women-28.jpg
  7. Its Makeup not Cake Up: Your beautiful skin is the best makeup today. Looking all caked up is no longer regarded as fashionable. A light and natural makeup is all you need, or go make-up free and enjoy the compliments you will receive silently with every gaze of admiration as people love the real you. beautiful-1274360_960_720
  8. Go Eco Friendly: Its the number one style statement of today. Nothing reduces your fashion ratings more than wearing leathers or fur. At the same time an eco-friendly statement will help you give out the right messages to the world. Let the world follow your cue. organictee.png
  9. Show Your True Color: No longer do people prefer to lighten their dark complexions or to artificially tan their skin. With awareness of harmful chemicals and the dangers of skin cancer, we now give due respect to our own natural skin tone and stay away from those fairness creams that made the world a bit more unfair and prejudiced against dark skinned women for all these years in many countries.unfair
  10. Your Work Your Culture: With an increasing proliferation of self-employment, entrepreneurship, small businesses and casual work places, no longer is the suit, tie, pencil skirt look a must in the corporate world. Individual styles, ethnic cultures, transgender dressing and comfort clothing…all are now increasingly welcome across meeting rooms.casualWhat do you love about the changing fashions of today? Share with us on and you could be featured. Stay tuned to

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