It’s SWITCHCRAFT! The AMAZING Power of a Single Word..



No I am not laughing at anyone or anything..I was just just trying my hand at Switchwords to get into the mood for writing!

We all have heard of manifesting our reality through the power of our mind. Somehow positive witchcraft has made its way back into the forefront in the form of modern law-of-attraction, new age manifestation secrets and spiritual healing. One of these techniques that has gained popularity quite fast is that of Switchwords. This system focuses on using certain very special ‘words of power’ – much like a spoken spell or ‘mantra’. However, unlike the Latin spells of Harry Potter or Sanskrit mantras of the ancient Vedas, Switchwords primarily include common English words, and you need not have a wand to make them work.


In their groundbreaking research, prominent neuroscientist Andrew Newberg, M.D., working with Mark Robert Waldman, discovered that words can change our brain. They wrote about the effects of words on our brain cells, especially how positive words had positive effects while negative words had detrimental effects on our brain. Similarly Masaru Emoto has demonstrated how saying ‘Thank You’ and ‘I Love You’ versus ‘I Hate You’ clearly affected the structure of water crystals frozen and observed under the microscope. These researches seem to indicate that words carry energy, feelings and intentions within them, either helping or hindering our life goals.

If you believe in the power of words, you can speak out a certain chosen word mentally to reach your subconscious mind and thereby program your ‘inner-mind’ to resonate with your intentions. You can also repeat this word mentally a few times everyday to come closer to your wish. At one point something within you might ‘switch’ and soon you could find yourself being unblocked and therefore more open to receiving your intended results, thanks to this switch. Words that can do this for us are called Switchwords.

Sigmund Freud, arguably the most noted psychologists of all times used the term Switch-Words to refer to those ambiguous words that behind their overt meaning, connote something deeper in our subconscious mind. Taking the idea several steps further advertising entrepreneur James T. Mangan (1896–1970) claimed that certain words can help in programming our sub-conscious mind to achieving success. Mangan seems to have done his own personal research by trying various ‘Switchwords’ on people to find out their percentage effectiveness with regard to the intention they were meant for. He went on to make a list of many Switchwords published in his book The Secret of Perfect Living, now followed by Switchwords enthusiasts the world over, often with brilliant results.

Shannon Phoenix, a Switchwords practitioner from USA points out that Switchwords do not require faith. “That’s their incredible power, they bypass your beliefs and go straight into the subconscious mind. They are like the RUN command on a computer. You don’t have to have faith in the RUN command, you just have to type in the correct command; the program will run!” She like many others in the Switchwords community did not believe in Switchwords to begin with, yet the technique worked for her and she has been hooked on ever since. In the hugely popular Switchwords community on Facebook a student recently shared how her exams were postponed by three months just as she had wished because of Switchwords. Another young lady confessed that she multiplied her income by at least five times by practicing with the right Switchwords regularly. From fighting diseases to finding lost objects, the usage of Switchwords seems to be helping quite a few people.

Kat Miller who has founded the Blue Iris Learning Center has helped build a large community of Switchword practitioners providing them a list of several Switchwords and ideas on how to use them.

Switchwords being connected to our unique subconscious self could at times work differently with different people. For example if GIGGLE does not work for me in helping me write, I could simply create my own personal ‘switchword’ …let’s say, ILLUMINATE which helps me get over the writers block and express my ideas to the world. So, if you are feeling quite creative and connected to your own intuition, you can surely devise your own personal switch-words. Be willing to try doing your own research and find out what works for you.

Or if you prefer to join the bandwagon of those AMAZING people for whom Mangan’s Switchwords have really worked…here are just a few of the popular (claimed to be universal as opposed to personal) Switchwords already tried and tested by other practitioners.

BAMBOO – For rapid growth,

BEAM – To brighten up the mood or even the day (also to stop raining),

COUNT – Making money,

CRYSTAL- To be sure or find clarity,

DIVINE – To manifest miracles,

HALFWAY – Make a long distance seem short,

HOLE – To attract or pull towards you,

HUNDRED PERCENT (100%) – Assured success,

ICE CUBE – To cool down or numb pain,

JACKPOT- Feel excited,

LAMINATE – Allow protected access,

LAVENDER – Sleep better,

LIGHTNING – Progress swiftly ,

LISTEN – Connect with intuition,

MASK – Shield or protect,

OIL – Reduce friction,

PURR – Feel content,

RAINBOW – Fulfill intentions,

REJOICE – Stop being jealous,

RIDICULOUS – Get popular,

SAVE – End self-destructive habits,

SHAKE – Release negativity,

SHARP – Be alert,

SHOE LACE – Maintain protection,

SLOW – Be patient,

SNEEZE- Expel or release unwanted energy,

SOMEHOW – Stop worrying about details and let it come to you,

SOPHISTICATE – Become a greater success,

TESLA – Gather energy,

TINY – Reduce ego,

TOGETHER- To improve team spirit

TRICKLE – Give and share,

UNMASK – Make known,

UNPLUG – Release limitations,

WINGS – Rise above pressure,

WOMB – Feel secure,

YES – Reduce hesitation,

ZERO – Banish or eliminate negativity

To manifest your intentions you can also speak a switch-phrase that connect two or more switchwords together, for example: 100%-CRYSTAL-RAINBOW to manifest a wish or TOGETHER-DIVINE-REJOICE to reduce jealousy and improve success in a group.

Note: Capital letters and hyphens are used to distinguish switchwords and swithphrases from the rest of the text.

It is not just speaking out the words verbally that works. Some people prefer to write the words on their hands or body, some simply chant them, while some write the words down in Energy Circles (diagrams within a circle with the switchwords to focus on what is needed, sometimes combined along with special numbers and/ or symbols that are a ‘vibrational match’ to the intention). The example the EC (Energy Circle) below is for increasing sales:


You can also energize water, crystals, oils and food by chanting the words mentally over them or placing printed Energy Circles beneath the object to be energised or in your desk drawer for instance. Combining this technique with Reiki or Energy Healing can also work for you. Through your own inventiveness, you can select the best way to work your own Switchcraft magick in your life.

As given in any manifestation exercise, feeling positive, being ethical and focusing peacefully on your intention without worrying about how and when you will get what you want is the key to success. To not use magic to harm anyone or to manipulate anyone is always a good idea to keep your life going in the right direction, lest the law of karma takes over.

So will Switchcraft work for you? The truth is that whatever you truly believe in or connect with deeply can work wonders in magically improving your life. Switchwords being bridges to the human subconscious, can be one of them.

To learn more visit the Blue Iris Learning Centre and join their group and community for more help:

Happy Switchcrafing, and DIVINE-THANKS!


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