Select Your Tarot Card and Know What You are Manifesting!

Did you know that you create each and every aspect of your life, all by yourself! Your tarot cards only indicate the direction in which you are steering your own life. And with the help of the cards I want you to now be able to manifest only your very best. This is why I would only give you empowering messages by showing you how you can use the message of the card in the right way.

Four cards were drawn at random for your reading today to help you in having a successful and happy week ahead.

FIRST choose any one of the cards below and read the interpretations AFTERWARDS




Choose one of them, either A, B, C or D

Follow your intuition or inner voice to select ONE card

You can also close your eyes and see what comes to you, either A, B, C or D…

Take your time…..


Whatever you feel drawn to at first instinct is relevant to you

Do not second guess yourself…you were right the first time!






scroll down for your message….





Now, I am turning your cards over so that you can see what you got




Here we go:

A8 wands

The Eight of Wands in reverse from the Gilded Tarot is a sign that you have been going too fast and trying to handle too many things all at once. Try to slow down this week and feel the energy of the retrograding planets calming your down and helping you be more patient. There is  a need to pay more attention to things that require more attention instead of running from one thing to another all the time. The more you focus on your most important activities the more you will enhance the quality of work. Similarly at home you might need to stop and give some more love and affection to yourself, your loved ones and to your personal life instead of hurrying about your daily chores. This may not be the best time to take up new projects but a great time to be more aware of your most important inner goals. Remember that we must not confuse mere activity with real progress, and you are now about to achieve more and more progress in those things that matter by simply cutting down on what does not matter at the moment!




The Cat People Tarot shows the 9 of Cups as a bubbling, exciting and joyful time. You are about to do incredibly well in so many ways that there will be a need to raise a toast to yourself. Do not let your own positive energy go unnoticed especially by yourself. You deserve applause and encouragement right now and there is no need to wait for someone to give these to you. Waste no time in any worry or care right now. You are better off simply being totally satisfied in each and every way. Feel really thankful to your own inner self, for everything is totally self-created and you know there is nothing but yourself to be thankful to. More and more blessings will be coming into your life just by this exercise of gratitude and gladness. Your higher self is always at your service, let it bring you more of what is good for you. Enjoy!

C6 wands

The Six of Wands from the Golden Tarot has appeared in front of you right now, bringing you sheer success. Its time to shine and lead in your victory march. You must have worked hard or really smart for you are now coming to this point. People do look at you with great admiration and see you as a source of strength and guidance. You are a leader who is paving the path ahead for others to follow. Everything you do can potentially inspire many others right now so do be careful as you are in the limelight. As all eyes are upon you there is no need to be frightened or shy. Strut your stuff with confidence. Take this opportunity to be kind and appreciative of others to do what leaders do. Build others up and bring out the very best in everyone you meet. More laurels will follow, stay positive!


The Temperance is a major card and this one from the Renaissance Tarot is a beautiful representation of your inner spiritual power. Your healing skills are about to become more and more powerful. You shall feel tremendous peace and positive energy will flow through you. Your inner yin and yang forces are harmonizing to keep your conscious and subconscious mind in balance. Your chakras will function optimally and return to balance as a result. An increase in inner well-being as well as better physical health are on the cards. You will be feeling much more spiritual than before and taking time to perform holistic and complimentary healing. All aspects of your life shall improve as a result. Continue to meditate!


Hope you enjoyed this week’s reading. More next week…..Stay tuned

Blessed Be



Swati Prakash can be reached on

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