Earth Day – Full Moon Healing

earth moonWho does not want a better life, and this is impossible without having a better earth. This full moon 22 April is world Earth Day. To align ourselves with our highest good it is necessary we all manifest a more positive environment, protect our polar ice caps and have a cleaner, greener and more peaceful earth where all of us are healthier, safer and happier.

You can practice this exercise anywhere to join our ritual at anytime from now till 23 April at anytime convenient to you.

1. Meditate in a peaceful and silent state by closing your eyes and gently focusing on your natural breath…allow all thoughts to slow down and dissipate as you enjoy the peace and bliss within. In this powerful state your wishes will manifest beautifully.

2.You are welcome to make a wish for yourself and your family. But remember to take some time to focus upon earth as a whole. When you focus upon the well being and betterment of the world, your inner power and connection with the higher self improves considerably.

3. Visualise earth being illuminated with a beautiful bright light and allow this light to be absorbed into every particle and every being on earth. This is the light of positive energy, goodness, peace, harmony and love.

4. Make a silent wish for how you wish to see earth and imagine that all the wonderful things that are good for earth are already happening all around. Do not focus on what you do not wish to see. Focus only on positive visions that make you feel peaceful, protected and content. When you are feeling absolutely wonderful you know that your intention is now manifesting surely and soon.

5. You can culminate this spell with a prayer, affirmation or mantra of your choice, for example:
‘Every direction, every person, every creature and everything,
In everyway, and everyday, is blessed with this powerful healing.
By the powers of earth and fire, wind and water, God and Goddess,
With love and light, and harm to none, my will is right now manifest’

You shall soon begin to see the signs all around confirming that your wishes are coming true in amazing ways.

Blessed Be

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