Going Retro …Past Life Healing with Mars, Pluto and Mercury

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Planetary Retrogrades have been much feared in the past due to lack of awareness. The truth is that only we are in-charge of our life and the way it manifests. Retrograde motions of planets just like everything else in astrology is just a guidance for our own healing to be undertaken by us at our own will. Retrogrades are specially useful times for undertaking past issue healing including past life therapy. By focusing our attention on the unresolved issues of the past and sending positive energy to ourselves we are able to free ourselves of repeating patterns and stubborn blocks that have continued from the past till now. The present moment is our great liberator and the healing we undertake now will have quantum effects on the timeline through which our life is flowing.

This month three planets are about to go retrograde – Mars on 17th April in Scorpio, Pluto on 18th April in Sagittarius and Mercury on 28 April in Aries. Note that western astrology is likely to give you different zodiacs because their calculations being not based on sidereal astrology are quite off the mark so its best to not be confused with those interpretations and follow the more accurate sidereal system of Vedic astrology.

Here is what the retrogrades this month are pointing us to heal.

MARS: Going retrograde on 17 April in Scorpio, Mars indicates a need to go deeper into our psyche and resolve the anger we carried within us for so long. If any past anger is being released in the coming two months its possible to heal the same from the source. Our past experiences have the key to our past conditioning and our old patterns of thinking and feeling require transformation right now if we wish to get rid of past conditioning. Check which house is Scorpio in your Vedic birth chart and apply this healing to that area of your life which that house represents. Also check the houses ruled by Aquarius, Taurus and Gemini as Mars would aspect them now thereby impacting the energy of those areas of your life as well. All our future is created by our mental patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving which need no longer be tied up to our past conditioning. Forgiveness is one of the biggest healers when it comes to Mars retrograde. Scorpio is the sign where Mars goes retrograde now and its a zodiac that just like the scorpion can be stingy and revengeful. Going by that logic healing past hurts and forgiving yourself or others can seem like quite a task with Mars so strong in Scorpio all the way till 17 June when goes retrograde in Libra for a short while till 29 June. But if you can break this jinx with the power of your will, amazing good fortune awaits. Therefore, keep trying. The keyword is PEACE. Affirm ‘I am now at peace with my past. All is forgiven.’peace-1183282_960_720.png

PLUTO: Going retrograde on 18 April close on the heels of Mars this is a planet of great transformation affecting much of the world at one go. Its retrograde motion in Sagittarius brings back hidden messages and occult insights from the past. Our history and its mystery will be much more fascinating than ever. Visits to museums and places of historic interest could lead to buried treasure in the form of wisdom and knowledge that expands our awareness. Check which house is represented by Sagittarius in your Vedic birth-chart and the house opposite it ruled by Gemini, to know exactly what areas of your life are impacted by this move from now till 26 September and enjoy this transformational self-discovery being facilitated now by the celestial self. The key word is REDISCOVER. Affirm, ‘I now expand my consciousness to rediscover my inner mysteries’ rediscover.jpg

MERCURY: The most over-hyped retrograde among all planetary retrogrades, Mercury retrograde occurs ever so frequently and with Mercury being the planet associated with short journeys, day to day communication, and money fluctuations, its retrograde can be somewhat irritating to some of us at a mundane level. Mercury  retrograde is occurring in Aries, a headstrong sign that like its animal symbol of ram, does not always prefer being held back. Once again the areas of your life to be impacted by this retrograde motion will be represented by the house ruled by Aries and its opposing house of Libra. This could be a battle between your will to go forward, and your inner guidance to be patient. But try to remember that Mercury is also a planet connected with our mind and our mind is our tool. We are its master. Meditation and being connected with our soul gives us power over our mind and all our thoughts thereby manifesting our life as per our own conscious choices in each moment. So until 22 May when Mercury goes direct again, try not to be flustered, and simply meditate a little more everyday to be in a mindful state of higher awareness. The keyword is PATIENCE. Affirm, ‘I am patient with myself as I heal my past, present and future, deeply and completely.’


Hope you make the most of this retrograde period through self-reflection and inner work!

swatiprakash tinySwati Prakash is a spiritual author. More on www.swatiprakash.com

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