Positive Film Review: The Truth About Cancer

In this series of documentaries TY Bollinger, motivated to find the truth after the loss of his own loved ones to Cancer, has gone on a personal quest around 27 countries to interview 131 doctors, scientists and survivors of Cancer.

The first of the documentaries in this series exposes the ‘Cancer Industry’ showing how medical doctors are not really taught much about nutrition and are instead taught primarily how to prescribe patented pharmaceutical medicines, as well as forced to suggest radiation and chemotherapy to Cancer patients putting them at huge risks as these ‘therapies’ end up destroying instead of healing the patients, all for the sake of fueling pharma giants and their patented drugs. Also highlighted is the entire conspiracy against natural therapies, home based treatments and energy medicine healing systems that threaten this ‘Cancer Industry’.

In the second episode the focus is on some of the real reasons for Cancer, its association with immunity and the way we can heal using lifestyle changes such as intermittent fasting, reducing sugar and body movement. Breast Cancer and Skin Cancer have been given special focus in this episode. Could mammograms actually be causing Cancer just like chemotherapy does and is there a better way to diagnose it? Do pink ribbons and Breast Cancer Awareness marches help cure Cancer? Does early diagnosis really lead to early cure? Could natural therapies such as common Vegetables, Herbs, Essential Oils and Hypothermia help in balancing our hormones and treating Cancer?

Each episode has stories from Cancer survivors who have healed Cancers naturally. Myths regarding Cancer commonly spread by medical professionals are now busted.Tips by experts who can help in natural prevention and cures are the best parts of this series. Overall the message is loud and clear – There is NO reason to fear Cancer!

You can watch all episodes sequentially by registering on https://go.thetruthaboutcancer.com/

The first few episodes can give you are start here:

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