What’s in Your Cards This Week?

Four new cards were drawn at random for your reading today to help you in having a successful and happy week ahead.

FIRST choose any one of the cards below and read the interpretations AFTERWARDS



Choose one of them, either A, B, C or D

Follow your intuition or inner voice to select ONE card

You can also close your eyes and see what comes to you, either A, B, C or D…

Take your time…..


Whatever you feel drawn to at first instinct is relevant to you

Do not second guess yourself…you were right the first time!





scroll down for your message….





Now, I am turning your cards over so that you can see what you got




Here we go:

ANine of Cups Reversed (2)

The Nine of Cups reversed from the Gilded Tarot is a gentle reminder to be more loving and caring towards others as well as yourself. You know when it is time to indulge in something, and when it is time to stop. You have more than enough. We cannot be merely consuming energy all the time because an excess of anything can be bad. Perhaps it is time to ground yourself and let go of this excess energy by letting it go to earth where it will wisely recycled for the benefit of the planet. Or, perhaps it is time to engage in charity or acts of kindness without expecting anything in return. The best part is that you have an unlimited supply of positive energy within you and there is no way you can be drained if you give to others from that perspective.


The Wheel of Fortune is yours right now according to the card by Infinite Visions Tarot. There is no one outside who is creating your fate. The flower of life is a sacred symbol that reveals the universal code of creation and it is within you. Your own inner energy is reflected back at you in the form of all the things you see outside of yourself. All situations and events point back at yourself and yourself alone. There is a great freedom and a great responsibility as you see your life this way. You merely need to look within and make an intention that is clear, pure, loving and kind towards yourself and the universe. That’s the way you turn the wheel of fortune and manifest something amazing.


This card you have drawn asks you to be super-honest with yourself. Have you been a lazy bum off late? Have you been putting off your own success? Have you been spending your precious moments doing anything other than what brings joy to your soul? The Empress reversed from the Rider Tarot is you positive message this week because it is asking you to take charge and create change instead of being passive. You need to shake off all those dull vibrations and get excited about life. Go out there and dance, sing, exercise and get your energy revitalized both mentally and physically. You know you have been waiting for something to happen for far too long. Let your mind open up to the amazing and unlimited opportunities that you can now create yourself.


The Ten of Swords from the Mystic Dreamer tarot is asking you to let go of the negativity you absorbed in the past in known or unknown ways. You are an amazing person and you should know that nothing you have said or done in the past, no matter how good or bad is relevant right now. Forgive yourself completely.  Similarly forgive others, no matter what they said or did. You know that this one act of forgiveness can transform everything for the better by pulling all these swords out of your back right now. Pull yourself together and prepare for the wonderful and positive changes coming into your life very soon. There is a lot to enjoy and achieve in this world. You better be prepared for this exciting new period of time coming your way.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s reading and will use these messages to empower and improve your life. More next week…..Stay tuned to www.thepositivemedia.com

Blessed Be



Swati Prakash can be reached on www.swatiprakash.com

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